Zionists In Bed With Groping Biden

Zionist boomers caught in bed playing around with the idea of voting for Biden again deserve to have their circumcised flap of discarded skin sewn back on their mouth.

And all those fake news Zionist boomers who refuse to condemn Hamas, Iran, the media, our Muslim Sisterhood in congress, the wealthiest avowed socialist of all time Bernie Sanders, and our Fire Crotch press secretary in charge of pushing more Jew blood libel because her boss is such a staunch supporter of Israel’s right to defend itself without using it’s defense weapons it paid for in it’s defense, have all been unmasked as the real big headed, hate filled extremist pricks through and through. Holla, thank you very much.

Zionist boomers who voted for Biden should be forced to donate their monthly social security checks to the PLO when DeSantis becomes our next president because they should be forced to pay the price for whole heartedly backing the terror hellbent on bombing whatever good will our country once had to offer into smithereens.

Zionist boomers who voted for Biden should hide in Burkas till they die. No amount of makeup or plastic surgery will ever erase the ugly hate they exude inside and out anymore. So what difference does it make? Hillary Hammer Time Cankles lives again. Holla, thank you very much.

Zionists who voted for Biden need to sue their shrinks who also suffer from severe Trump Derangement Syndrome for aggravated assault against their mentally deranged beyond repair psyches for siding with Terrorist groups launching nonstop rockets into Israel like they can’t rid of them fast enough. Who have less respect for human life than Planned Parenthood’s ironically detached name of business.

Zionists who voted for Biden are dumber than the rocks Palestinians threw at Israeli’s during the good old days before their top Presidential pick gifted them 200 million to afford big boy rockets designed to kill large swaths of innocent Israeli life, which even war mongers like Dick Cheney would consider the antithesis of child’s play.

Zionists who voted for Biden are scary dumb. Even W, took a break from eating glue and finger painting maimed Navy Seals he gave PTSD to after pushing Collin Powell to sell whatever shell of integrity he once possessed to mention on 1st leg of new book tour how Iran is the evil regime behind backing all the Hamas terror attacks against Israel in the 1st place before they ever would. Because baby boomer arrogance never dies.

You know you’re scary stupid for thinking Obama 2.0 on crack cocaine would have Israel’s back against terror attacks. Knowing Biden lives in Greenville, Delaware, whose state motto should be changed to, “Your Nazi gold is safe with us.”

Boomer Zionists who voted for Biden are responsible for World War 3 when Israel decides to wipe Iran off the map next time they try to send an intercepted drone to take out Amare Stoudemire’s big man camp in Tel Aviv. I love Amare Stoudemire. He embraced playing for the New York Knicks immediately when he came out as a Jew after signing his 200 million dollar contract with the Knicks. All of a sudden Amare proclaims, “I went on Ancestry.com, turns out I’m a black Hebrew like Lenny Kravitz and Slash. So I’m one of you now. My success is yours. Danny Shays. I fucked him, oh. I can’t take no more. Dice lives, holla, thank you very much.

The worst part of Boomer Zionists who voted for Mr. Groper is how none of them are experiencing buyers remorse whatsoever. Because A) They know the election was stolen, so their vote wasn’t in tune with America’s will in the 1st place, which should make them feel like 2 time dumb ass retards for thinking they knew the real pulse of America from watching CNN again and again while distancing themselves from their Trump supporting offspring like they could catch HIV from catching a glimpse of their MAGA hat after they went on a barebacking summer tour of She Males in Brazil for a real summer of love last summer. B) Boomer Zionists still believe the lie about white supremacists in this country being the main driving force behind unpunished violence in this country if you don’t criticize critical race theory, you cracker ass, wannabe slave holding motherfuckers.

Boomer Zionists think White Nationalism is responsible for all the domestic terror caused by BLM and ANTIFA this summer because after Obama got elected twice, 80 million Americans were in the midst of acting out a latent midlife white supremacist crisis. Don’t blame the FBI though for spending more time following the financiers of real terror in our country than they do shaving and scrubbing the police records of punisher vigilante wannabes in hoodies within ANTIFA, who never outgrew their pyromaniac phase.

Zionists who voted Biden will never admit they made a mistake. Instead, they’ll stick to playing Bridge and eating more Shrimp cocktail from Costco while Rachel Maddow praises Bernie Sanders for hating Israel more than his putz prone father. Who couldn’t teach him how to change a tire if his open tab at Katz Deli and nearby dry cleaners for perpetual spicy brown mustards stains was riding on it.

The same Bernie Sanders who on his application for the University of Chicago claimed to be part Native American Indian for their financial aid package before starting to major in Zionist Conspiracy Theories designed to turn Palestine into South Africa East.

Bernie sanders states in his college application for financial aid, “My dad is part Cherokee. Why else would his childhood friends make him an Indian whenever they played Cowboys and Indians by nicknaming my putz prone dad on the run from the white man, “Trips on Curbs.” Name another Jew in the sixties who refused scalped tickets to see Simon and Garfunkel in Forrest Hills after the Graduate broke big? Name another picky Jew who asks for the Buffalo Burger menu at Katz? Still not convinced, my dad, Trips on Curbs isn’t a native American Indian Jew? The man could drink Hillary under the table on an empty stomach after breaking his fast on Yom Kippur. You don’t think Hillary is deplorable, fall down drunken bitch? Then, why on the last leg of her past campaign tour, if you want to call it that, Hillary look more unbalanced than Hunter’s checkbook? That woman is less stable than Sarah Silverman after Global Warming destroys more pot crops in the US than Trump banning Neil Young from performing at Farm Aid.

It’s hard to get your proud Jewish daughter who draws Stars of David everywhere to start Hebrew school next year, if she learns that the Rabbi in charge voted for the candidate who enables terrorist trust fund babies like the Crimson Guard Commanders from GI Joe.

How do I sell my daughter on embracing their antizionist education there again? I might as well concede, “Israel’s critics are right. Hitler had the right idea after all. Rabbi Pushoverstein would’ve drawn a map for the Gestapo to find Anne Frank if they let him snuggle up with some Cookie Crisp cereal and bunch of Carrie Bradshaw books under a roaring fire next to the ovens, as Russ and daughters ashes blew in the wind as their dreams of selling smoked Nova for a living on the Lower East side went up in smoke.

Zionists who voted for Biden are lost souls without a cause besides sucking off the fake news goodness of Obama’s race war inciting legacy till their last dying breathes. I don’t see the original Super Jew Jesus Christ being in such a forgiving mood these days either. Although I’m positive Michelle Obama will urge Americans on Twitter after our eventual burning mask party to still give scowling a chance. Kamala Harris is the hottest thing from Canada since Alanis Morissette gave fellatio drawn out over the course of a double feature a chance.

Michael Kornbluth

Serbian Big Man Mattering More

The robot at Stop and Shop is scary. I tell my son, “Don’t make fun of Lebron or he’ll report you to China.” Holla, thank you very much.

I don’t think Lebron ever got the Trump voiced GPS system. On your left is Mohegan Sun, Elizabeth Warren’s home away from home.

Shocked Lebron thinks Steph Curry should win the MVP over the Serbian big man averaging 26.4 points per game in addition to 10 plus boards and eight assists per game for Denver, almost pulling off an Oscar Robinson triple double average all season long. It’s a good thing Nikola Jokic never told a reporter during All-Star weekend, All Lives Matters, is the new n word. Or else we’d really have to really hear what terrorist siding black supremacists in the NBA really think, Kyrie Irving included. They don’t have a statue of him in China yet, do they? Holla, thank you very much.

Kyrie Irving’s ball handling skills have no equal. Too bad Kyrie has zero balls when it comes to defending the real victims of unjustified hate like Israeli kids kidnapped and killed in death tunnels by you know who. But it takes real balls to use big words like “dehumanize” to sound like Lebron 2.0, jerkoff. Also, I thought you never talk to journalists unless the questions are received in advance like Obama’s gym socket puppet. But now you care about the welfare of Palestinian terrorists in charge, hellbent on wiping Israel off the planet. I wonder why.

If I can’t get a lit agent for my book The Koshertarian Comedian or The Great American Jew Novel or from Waste Height, Really Short Stories, I’m going skip declaring bankruptcy. I’ll just take up fentanyl like George Floyd and stick up a pregnant woman with a fake news gun to score some counterfeit bills to buy some smokes at 711 before resisting arrest from the cops in hot pursuit, only to die from cardiac arrest, knowing at least then, Kyrie Irving would pay off the mortgage on my family’s house while Lebron could pay for my kids’ college on the down low. Holla, thank you very much.

It’s hard to keep your mouth shut when you spot a middle-aged white woman sporting a tie dye shirt that says Biden and Harris on it, days after the current administration in charge freed up 200 million for Hamas to finance a rocket launch party into Israel’s backyard for old time’s sake. First, I threw off the Karen and say, “Nice shirt”, duping her into thinking, I’m on her Jihadi jerkoff siding side. Next, I add, “Giving 200 million to Hamas to kill more Jews was totally done in the spirit of peace and love babe. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure team Biden calling for a ceasefire behind closed doors is really singing, “All we are saying United Nations, is give more money to Hamas to help wipe Israel off the map. So, they have a fighting chance. Holla, thank you very much.

AP news was slammed for claiming it was unaware of Hamas occupying an office in their building. Weren’t chants of fuck Madonna’s camel toe snatch during casual Friday or playing like Virgin on repeat after introducing office Karaoke on ironic causal Fridays or no female HR managers on site to fend off headhunters trying to recruit talent for Al Qaeda all dead giveaways already?

Never understood the fantasy of bedding 72 virgins. Doesn’t Jihadi John have enough blood on his hands already? Finally, Jihadi John arrives at a Motel 6 in virgin heaven allegedly. Virgin number one reveals herself to be a highly grating annoying Arabic version of Joy Behar. Booger face starts to demask and screeches, “Don’t you have enough blood on your hands already? Forget it, just whip out your skewer stick and get it over with already. But for what it’s worth, I just cleaned the sheets. So, let’s put that towel on your head to good use for a change. Oh, that’s right, your people aren’t into praising Downy fabric softener because it’s advertised as snuggle soft by some soft Jewish copywriter on Madison Avenue. Who prefers dead Palestinian babies over Haitian ones for blood cooking ceremonies if Hillary isn’t around to pressure the push over putz breath otherwise.” Hillary Hammer Time Cankles lives. Holla, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Pitchwoman Of The Year

Aliens are capable of formulating and defending their own critical race theory to. Although a bunch of Think Tank Alien Eggheads from Planet Scrambled Over Easy declared the American Dream dead and it’s entire race plain stupid for thinking otherwise, on both sides of the political divide during it’s annual Brunch Expo address at their annual Northern Lights retreat on Planet Verde, known for its enormous Avocados trees, tricked out converted farmhouse party palaces, enveloped by Hop Farms galore and beautifully manicured baseball diamonds and fields of highly stimulating, brain tickling weed. Even Think Tank Alien Eggheads need to cool off their hyperactive brains with some baseball, buds and brews from time to time.

The Think Tank Alien Eggheads observed how unhinged and excessively biased the US media and Big Tech had become since the New Yorker from Queens exposed them for the feckless, misleading, self-serving, fear mongering, deliberately divisive, commie sell out bastards they’d become.  Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind”, was voted the number one ranked Sci Fi film for 44 years in a row and counting, according to Egghead Alien Film Review Magazine, which still boasts an incredible print ad sales revenue, because on Planet Scrambled Easy, print is king and considered the most prestigious medium, attracting the universe’s most talented writers knowing they’re willing to pay up to 3 US Dollars per word. Plus, there’s no TV shows made on Planet Scrambled Over Easy except a hugely popular father son alien cooking show, called, Better Than Boobie. On this show, we learn the alien baby is a result of a mixed marriage between an alien and a busty, full lipped, tan Sicilian blooded Italian Barbera Bustiasti, originally hailing from Rochester, NY. On the show, our Stay-At-Home Alien Dad Host, Fried Brains Bourdain, a self-anointed in-house gourmand for the entire Planet Scrambled Over Easy, will ask his part human part alien baby, Chef Samuels what he thinks of his latest and greatest LEO scramble supreme, including, smoked salmon lox, scrambled eggs and sweet, not too bitter caramelized red onions. Normally, Chef Samuels will take a taste and pronounce the dish creation a double fister instead of a yuck yucker. But if baby Chef Samuels is totally enthralled with the dish, he’ll ask his cherished Dada Fried Brains Bourdain, to make the dish for him every day before he whizzes around the rings of Planet Scrambled Over Easy faster than Flash, in a high calorie burning blaze of glory.  

So, the reason Planet Scrambled Eggs Over Easy was smitten with the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind stemmed from the aliens portrayed in it, being musical savant mutes of sorts like Holly Hunter in The Piano. The problem on Planet Scrambled Eggs Over Easy, is how their recent open borders policy resulted in a gazillion different languages spoken at once on any given Farmer’s Market enough to make C3po’s language transmitter chip to melt down from an intergalactic mere auditory sensory processing overload. So, the clamor in the streets had reached a fevered pitch, with no universal language in place, capable of instilling a more melodic cadence. And none of the star magazine writers on Planet Scrambled Over Easy were capable of banging out musical showtunes such as West Side Think Tank Alien Stories, because Broadway tunesmith legend Stephen Sondheim declined the invitation to procreate with the alien civilization because he was gayer about the prospect of lunging at Othello backstage in tights, whenever asked to do his best Kevin Spacy impersonation by his cast and crew at Sardis for wrap up show celebrations after hours. Stephen Sondheim gave the anal probe a shot after the Alien Think Tank Leader Gershwin Goo, convinced him they were doing it the name of stool DNA sampling science, in their long, hard, in depth exploration of pinpointing the exact genetic makeup roots responsible for sprouting such mature musical genius out the womb. At 6 Mozart was touring Europe, entertaining French nobles with the nimble quickness of a French Prostitute, who got 2 customers to spew with joy in 1 minute flat each, so she could squeeze in her favorite customer, famed American Jewish writer Henry Miller in one more before closing hours for the road.  

So not only was the roaring decibel of noise on the streets of Scrambled Eggs Over Easy, consisting of every guttural, gross Alien language imaginable, that collectively heard together sounded like the antithesis of French pillow talk in Eric Rohmer films such as Busted Burgundy Girls and Paris Dicks Are Burning. Thereby, making their home planet a highly grating, excessively annoying place to be, but there was also not a singe lone, beautifying voice to even sing their new planet anthem, in an attempt to promote, celebrate and unify the country behind a star beautiful voice in their own native tongue, Hebrew. What, you think the Pyramids and the 1st great temple were built by the Israelites alone? I’ve known Jews who are allergic to Home Depot, who suffer from immediate panic attacks upon entry.

On retreat, The Think Tank Aliens, sucking down endless IPA’s and puffing non-stop high grade green over a killer double header of baseball surrounding the Field Of Dreams Funhouse, a young, rising star egghead about to pitch his famous speedball splinter known to make most fellow Aliens whiff more than Charlie Sheen at an AVN after hours party these days, an idea emerged, “Hey, fellas, instead of blowing up the Planet Earth for our annual 4 of the July Celebration to celebrate our freedom banning the Internet in 2000, because we knew Y2K would serve as a slow acting bomb to blow up earth’s any last remaining capacity for critically thinking, mass produced independent thought ever again, we convince Matilda Singing Rose Kornbluth to become our permanent-in-house Planetary Anthem singer. Granted, we have incredible leverage knowing if she refuses, will go head and blow-up Earth for the best fireworks show, we’ve ever seen. Bulldozing a casino is child’s play compared to Planet blasting. Plus, I think the universe is ready for a new earth to emerge again, assuming God’s in the mood o give the human race another shot at redemption or not.”

The Think Tank Aliens of Scrambled Over Easy Planet actually thought of Singing Rose Kornbluth immediately, the moment they coined the idea of establishing a Planetary Anthem in Hebrew, from eavesdropping from space whenever she’d recite the Shabbat prayers over the candles, Challah and wine. To them, Singing Rose Kornbluth was blessed with the most angelic laced, beautifying, spiritually rich, jade free voice of all time, which sounded ten times more soul tantalizing pretty sung in Hebrew, which she’d do in Synagogue, shining through most, whenever the Torah was taken out of the arc for the infamous Shema prayer, “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.” Think Tank Aliens from Scrambled Over Easy Planet are able to eavesdrop into different galaxy systems due to their alien race, being crossbred with Alien Hybrid Elephants reared by Alexander The Great. Alexander The Great would use those elephants to eavesdrop on his enemies or on Cleopatra next time she plotted to roofie him, tie him up and jam some precious gemstone beads up his ass for shits and giggles to see if they came out looser since the last gender neutral interkingdom orgy at her Luxor party palace.

Now, Singing Rose Kornbluth is at home in her bedroom within the hamlet of Croton Falls, NY, 50 minutes north of Manhattan, brushing the mane on her new American Girl horse doll Lavender Love, singing her own made-up tune “Lavender Love has beautiful hair, my brother Arthur better not threaten to turn him into fake news dog chow, if baby Samuel double dares.” Then, the Palomino American Girl Doll horse Lavender Love comes to life and speaks to her from the baseball diamond on the Field Of Dreams Funhouse and says, “Singing Rose Kornbluth, don’t be alarmed. For starters, my voice can’t be any freakier than when you confuse your American Girl Doll Horse for an actual little person on occasion.” Singing Rose Kornbluth say, “Keep talking.”  Think Tank Alien says, “We think your singing voice, especially in Hebrew is the most beautiful, God loving, effortlessly sweet signing voice, we’ve ever heard, without any deep vibrato rumblings which ruin Adele and Demi Lovato’s chances as potential picks for us if you really need to know.” Singing Rose Kornbluth says, “And who is we exactly.” Think Tank Alien says, “Were Think Tank Aliens from Planet Scrambled Over Easy. Our natural tongue is Hebrew, and we just came up with our 1st ever Planetary Anthem and it needs work, because our alien civilization isn’t musically inclined whatsoever.” Singing Rose Kornbluth says, “Do all aliens talk through American Girl Horses? I know Aliens were real. Think Tank Alien says, “Singing Rose, we love your voice. God made your supernatural voice for a reason. Still, will be left with no choice but to blow up your planet, if you don’t let us use your gift of creation and singing love songs which touch the inner most sanctum part of the Divine.” Singing Rose Kornbluth says, “I’ll only help you out if you agree to take over control of our Internet, unleash virus worms to corrode all the software code for Twitter, Facebook and Google and fill in that gaping voice of Internet bandwidth with my father’s Do It All Dad Year Podcast every Friday for another Meandering Shabbat Shalom Special. My daddy is hilarious. He said, Beyonce sat out the national anthem because Demi Lovato sounds like white priveledge version of Alabama Shakes.” Think Tank Alien laughs long time and replies, “We don’t have the Internet on our planet.” Matilda says, “I’ll be your new best friend. And you’ll get one sleepover invite a year, deal? Think Taken Alien says, “Deal.”

1 year later, Singing Rose Kornbluth graced the cover of Time Magazine. On the top, the headline read, Pitchwoman Of The Year, who saved her country’s planet from being wiped off the Solar System for selling the Think Tank Aliens on making her Do It All Dad the most popular, downloadable, highly quotable Podcaster in the universe. So, he could afford the opportunity to shine like the brightest, rising comedy star in the galaxy and drive his family back from the hospital in his new Comedy Gold Porsche SUV with a new baby sister addition in the back, Lavender Love Kornbluth to make his Do It All Dad year mission complete. Now Singing Rose Kornbluth could sing duets with her new baby sister Lavender Love Kornbluth for a double dose of beautiful wonderfulness on Planet Scrambled Eggs Over Easy, so she’d never have to feel homesick again.

Michael Kornbluth