Last Licks Interlude

What am I naming my last free comedy record with new material Last Licks?

Because it’s about soothing past hurts through comedy.

So, I can inspire others to think toward the future after licking off their wounds with comedy to. So, you’ll be in a more exalted, wiser position by forcing yourself to reflect on how to avoid the same old shitty situation.

Last licks, double album special, is for those still fighting for dignity, self-respect and bragging rights of some kind, so they can get pumped up about flexing their stuff in the future with the intention of winning over the crowd and hitting their target goals with resounding, big guns blasting authority. So, you can feel not smug secure like Uni Brow Maddow but be more prideful pretty for not letting past disappointments, rejections and non-stop offenses get you down. Today, we get our last licks in, before pouncing on our prey with feline quickness and big-eyed glory for refusing to accept selective tenderness shown our way, no more, no more. Get your flying wings on bitches. Aerosmith lives. Last Licks listening party, top priority of the Summer. Dream Doing On, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth


I don’t like serious looking dog walkers at the park. You’re not Jack London, trekking through Alaska with an army of sled dogs in search of gold-plated dildos with Marla Maples initials on them buried in Sarah Palin’s backyard. After Trump gave them to Sarah as a high-end souvenir the 1st time she rode with Trump on his gulfstream while campaigning in Juno, Alaska. Trump says, “You’re the gold standard in US populism Sarah. I appreciate your endorsement for President. And as a token of my appreciation, I’d like to give you these golden tipped beauties in honor of your nationalist loving nips. Bury them in your backyard for a rainy day, in case the Deep State takes over our country and bans drilling for oil in favor of selling more Telsa’s to tech executive cucks in Silicon Valley. Did Elon Musk ever try to titty blast you in the back of a Telsa Sarah? Sarah Plain says, “Gross Donald. I’d rather grab a moose in my backyard for a reach around. People gave me shit for birthing a kid with down syndrome at 43. But at least, Trig has a fucking excuse. So no, Donald, I’d rather jam Burt Reynold’s signed hockey stick up my snatch when he was up here filming Mystery; Alaska than come close to draining Musk’s pasty batteries dry.” MILF Fang lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth