Blackmail Pics Unnerving

Zelensky insists that the US will have to send our sons and daughters to war if more aid isn’t forthcoming.

What compromising pics does this Uki dwarf have on Hair Plugs Sniffer exactly?

Are they shower pics of Biden’s daughter combing his shin hair with Buckwheat’s afro pick?

Michelle Obama power slamming Prince Harry during a game of Twister at the Uki consulate? While smooshing off Scruffie Archie’s freckle spots in the process?

Does Zelensky have a pic of his wife in those small town ho, fish net stockings getting railed by a blacked out Sean Penn during a Democratic fundraiser on Harvey Weinsteins Yacht, Hair Clumps Me?

Zelensky is killing his own citizens to make Russia look bad, yet all of sudden Bono is hush, hush?

Can’t he nudge Obama Be Good to airdrop starving Ethipoian babies who refuse to eat Gates bug kabobs mixed with cancerous tumor cells served in their Sloppy Second Joe’s made from the Beyond Meat corporation? At least then, Bono could try to talk some sense into Zelensky because his life saving brand would finally have some skin in the game? But Zelensky is Jewish. Who gives a fuck? Nobody is perfect. Besides, dwarf head had both his kids baptized at an Eastern Orthodox Church. So calling Zelensky Jewish is like calling Jihadi John Jewish. At least Jihadi John doesn’t spend US tax dollars like a drunken Azov Nazi with a duffle bag full of Gap kids stock options to burn. Blackmail Pics Unnerving, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Genius On Tap

Soundtrack king Kenny Loggins says, “To feel is to communicate your spirit with God.” Wife says, “Your spirit has an oversharing problem with God.”

Biden, I mean Mr. Groper, says, “Children belong to their teachers.” I thought child wives was a Muslim thing, my bad. Challah, thank you very much.

If you care enough to shave your legs, you’re a woman in my book, Barenaked Ladies Are Us. It’s a self-care book about pampering your feminine side without being a fugly feminist twat about it. Challah, thank you very much.

Explain to me the need to wear a mask at Madeline Albright’s funeral. Isn’t Secret Service detail protection for life enough? Esecially when all in attendance are guilty of perpetuating the big lie of COVID infection being worse than entry in the Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Why is the ACLU fretting about Elon Musk running the show at Twitter now? They’ll still ignore the fact that White Supremacists in Fred Perry Shirts with Tiki Torches in hand aren’t the nationalist supremacist types responsible for Florida and Anti-Semitism being so hot right now. Shit, when was the last time you heard a Proud Boy admit he was still educating himself on Hitler after retweeting more libel bullshit from Farrakhan about alien controlled bloodsucking cockroaches controlling the Federal Reserve and all the banks in the North Pole to? I thought it was Baby Face Omar who celebrated the anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death by describing it on Twitter as “something happened”, to a beehive sporting, devil horn hiding, parasitical Jew bitch, who exploited the Great Palestinian Songbook for all it was worth. Genius on tap, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth