Triggering Fake Feminists

Whenever I’m out in public with my 3 kids without my wife, grown men say to me, “You’ve got your hands full. I say, “If any of my 3 books become best sellers before I die, resulting in my wife agreeing to an open marriage with Katie Perry, then my hands will be full.”

Should stay at home mom’s get paid? If you can afford to be one and your husband doesn’t bust your balls about it because he’s allowed to live his life to the fullest, while you don’t have to penny pinch at the Farmer’s Market, then keep your white privilege issues to yourself.


Should stay at home mom’s get paid? But I thought woman loved the divine gift of raising superior versions of themselves planned or not, because of Do It All Dad’s molding on top. I don’t think stay at home dads should get paid, but I’m not a fake feminist either.

Michael Kornbluth