Bad Boy Soy Boy Strikes Back


Once upon a time there was a biracial Korean, Jewish kid from the Riverdale section of the Bronx, Steven Park, otherwise known as Bad Boy Soy Boy, since he unleashed his Nunchucks of fury at a block party on a bunch of shit talking, instigating, black gangbangers, who wore the same wife beater, corn rows and cut off jean shorts, looking like they were dressing up for Coolio Appreciation Day. Who never dared to call Bad Boy Soy Boy, a COIVD chink in his midst ever again, as he cracked one corn row braided skull in 2 after another, without breaking a sweat in a NY Minute. Son of Sam in the seventies was scary no doubt, but the surge in hate crimes against Jews and Asians in the boogie down Bronx, Jersey City and throughout the Island of Manhattan were at an all-time high with no relief or added protection in sight.

Cops today, were younger, softer, and far less hardcore than their 9/11 predecessors. Nobody in the force today possessed the balls to make money on the side through good old-fashioned extortion like 99 percent of the force in the movie Serpico. Bail was banned in NY, garbage filled the streets, rats grew the size of Lena Dunham during Restaurant Week after challenging Leslie Jones to a Junior’s Cheesecake off. But even these woke large and in charge funny woman, couldn’t believe what a scary shithole their cherished concrete jungle of yesterday had become in 4 years flat.

Crazy talk slogans punctured the air such as, “Ban ICE”, because homeland security was so weapons of mass destruction years. It’s no excuse to mug Chinese grandma in Chinatown, yet the Wuhan made virus, made New Yorkers at large crazier than ever, placing misplaced faith in a news media hellbent on feeding more unregulated hate and fear into the nation about black men in America being America’s most hunted, despite not one enlightened BLM member encouraging their fellow brothers to just stop resisting arrest or the temptation to run out on a 2000-dollar dinner check in South Beach for Spring Break, God forbid.

Every day, Bad Boy Soy Boy worked at his parent’s deli in the South Bronx, despite living in the leafier, more snuggle soft confines, of Riverdale in the Bronx, where abandoned, torched, burnt down buildings to salvage a semblance of ROI from the insurance company were less common than a B plus Korean student at Bronx Science.

Bad Boy Soy Boy had to bite his lip at the deli every time some brother would come in there talking endless shit, yelling, “COVID Chink, this, COVID Chink that,”, despite him being fucking half Korean and half Jewish. It didn’t make a difference because cum bucket dumpsters such as Cardi B today were deemed heady, culture enriching, poets from the street, whose gaping, sloppy 3rds snatch couldn’t be beat, allegedly. Jim Rome lives, holla, thank you very much.

But one day Bad Boy Soy Boy decided enough was enough, so he opened a medicinal speakeasy weed milk bar in Bergen, New Jersey as a front to offer Nunchuck self-defense classes for Asian Americans based in any of the 5 boroughs willing to make the schlep to fight for their life to live out the protracted, rapidly fading American dream with a semblance of peace of mind as they raged, raged against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas lives, holla, thank very much.

Now, Bad Boy Soy Boy’s Self-Defense Nunchucks Of Fury class, became the number one tourist destination in Bergen history, not that there was much stiff competition in this department. But Bad Boy Soy Boy had a college roommate from UPENN who he’d talk to on the phone every day who worked as a rock star chef for a Korean food truck in old city in Philly, known for their Korean eggroll cheesesteak hot pocket breakfast treats. Who now had to invest in a bullet proof vest covered food truck in Old City, which was once the only really safe area in Philly outside of Center City on Chestnut street. But safe spaces for Asian Americans were now deader than Jeremey Lin’s chances of gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated 7 times in a row again, especially since JR Smith bitched to Knicks management about the golden child Harvard grad who plopped in their lap out of the freaking blue, because he was hogging the Garden spotlight and bike lane all for himself.

Asian Americans including Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, who never bothered to study martial arts, thinking, it wasn’t necessary to learn from 1994 to 2020, were flocking to Bad Boy Soy Boy’s Self-Defense Nunchucks Of Fury class. Bad Boy Soy Boy’s grandfather, Michael Kornbluth was a Holocaust survivor because when all the brown shirt ANTIFA members of their day banned guns, he used his own Nunchucks of fury gifted to him from his Korean father-in-law, and cracked NAZI skulls hyped on crystal meth all his way to freedom from Nazi persecution. Who pawned enough Nazi gold teeth from the skulls he cracked in 2 with his Nunchucks of fury to buy a boat pass to NY, establish a family of his own with his reflexology wife therapist and become a proud 1st generation deli owner, getting Jewish New Yorkers hooked on Kimchi for more reasonable outs from ever having to slip their wife some tongue again.

Both young and old Asian Americans no longer had to live in helpless, paralyzed fear, all thanks to Bad Boy Soy Boy teaching them the infinite beat down possibilities unleashed from the almighty Nunchuck strikes of fury, to ensure they were never fucked with again in the name of the COVID Chink virus or not. Because Bad Boy Soy Boy was on a mission from God to prove Bruce Lee’s weapon of choice, ain’t nothing to fuck with.

Michael Kornbluth

Freaking Yummy Omelet Time

“The way you make an omelet reveals your character.”

Anthony Bourdain

Best Omelet I ever had was a Western Omelet flush with hunks of ham and juicy, green bell peppers, caramelized with smoky, steamy love, in some damp, dark, borderline dumpy hipster haunt brunch spot in Portsmouth, New Hampshire as Some Girls by the Rolling Stones blared at full blast, which made me feel twice as cool at the time through sheer osmosis because A) I recognized the highly unknown, borderline most confident, conversational banging album the Stones produced after Exile on Main Street and Sticky Fingers and B) I ordered right for once, because I read a book about a famous sports journalist Jimmy Cannon who claims the Western Omelet was the best breakfast you can order. So, respecting an elder sportswriter options paid a huge dividend for me, especially after learning how Frank Sinatra used to have his people overnight his articles from the NY Post to his bungalow on the Columbia lot back in the day. Being less indecisive than Jared Kushner at the Four Seasons salad brunch station was a good day for me.

One of the benefits of eating Kosher 3 kids later is being more comfortable in my inkless skin, thanks to getting paid to write about the Hair Metal Gods I grew up loving and still do on America’s Hard 100 on VH1 Classic, hosted by WWE great Chris Jericho, who did extreme, hardcore, high flying, significantly more bloody real wrestling in Japan and Mexico. I got my lip busted, requiring stiches for playing a tad too physical in the post once, whoopty freaking due. So, having some paid artistic cred under my belt finally, lessens my desire to impress inked out hipster chefs with my determined desire to relish every new age, reimagined, porky loving manifestation creation in addition to whatever workshopped Mixologist cocktail creation concoction they birthed and molded into elite Yelper jerking off status. Because now, my focus isn’t worshipping false idols such as the porky obsessed chef or herb infused fixated Mixologist. Instead, I derive deeper, more long lasting joy by sticking with my Koshertarian Diet because that’s what God commanded my chosen people to do, which is the least I can do please the most high, for granting me the funny Jew bone and not one, but 3 of the most luminous, joy spewing, thoughtful, sweet, hilarious kids ever recorded. When your 4-year-old son in the bubble says with carefree, sarcastic minded glee, “Daddy, I haven’t washed my vagina yet”, you can get back to me on how hilarious your kids are in comparison.

I got married 10 minutes outside of Woodstock in a place called Opus 40 at a awe inspiring, wow worthy, labor of love sculpture garden in Saugerties, NY. You didn’t need any acid or mushrooms to be at one with the Catskills mountains, looming large all around you. But we had our rehearsal brunch a local haunt in Woodstock at Oriel 9 on Tinker St, the main drag up there, mainly because they served the best freaking yummy omelet I ever had after the Western one in New Hampshire, consisting of sautéed Hen of the Woods Mushroom and salty peppy Spanish sheep cheese, Manchego, which blew me away. Pork was the farthest thing from my mind at the time. How can you dwell on Italian cured hams like bomb svelte prosciutto, hog tied, encased, extra snappy boar sausage or the always reliable succulent delicious, never too fatty, greasy, or regrettably crumbly, Applewood Smoked Bacon, when those meaty, scrumptious, never chewy, better tasting than outdoor Hawaiian weed, Hen Of The Woods Mushrooms, literally plucked from the restaurant garden in Woodstock, NY out back, gave renewed, special verve yumtastic meaning to the term locally sourced man?

So today, I decided to replicate some freaking yummy omelet magic for my 3 kids this Sunday morning, because Lou Reed would during his more domesticated years, after tiring of waiting for his man in Harlem to score him more than H to keep his raging hormones at bay for a bit. But Hen of The Woods don’t freaking grow on trees, nor am I scientific, manly capable or gay enough in my eyes to get into harvesting and gardening my own Hen Of The Woods Mushrooms in our garden either. So, in honor of Under The Table And Dreaming by the Dave Matthews Band, my go to drive home music from Ithaca college back home for more borderline blackout blurred Winter breaks, I made the best of what was around.  I used a huge mound of cut up Baby Bella Mushrooms from Stop and Shop at a fraction of the price compared to Hen Of The Woods and fried them up in butter, olive oil, generous heaping’s of Kosher salt, black pepper, peeled off bits of garlic and some upstate NY sourced, good old local H20 tap water to add a caramelized finish. Before adding pre-shredded extra sharp Cabot cheddar within my butter-soaked shallot laced, 4-egg omelet and my 3 kids, including myself were made in the freaking shade.

I distributed 4 forks and we all ate from the same plate because of my recent cooking storm with no working dishwasher causing an unmitigated, clean up disaster on par with BP spill despite there being no seagulls draped in black face in sight.  Freaking Yummy Omelet time was in the house. Whizzy yummy dances with increased fervor throughout the kitchen and living room back and forth followed. My 7-year-old son Art Show USA even gave me an unprecedented hug of love from behind after a taste of mushroom omelet magic at home with his favorite people in the universe to express the depths of his love for the freaking fun filled love wafting through the air.  

George Bernard Shaw said, “Cooking is the sincerest form of love.” Being on the receiving end of reciprocity love from your own flesh and blood feels ten times freaking better.  If “The way you make an omelet reveals your character” like late great Anthony Bourdain claimed, then my kids during this blessed, rich filled Sunday morning, made me feel a tad more menschy aspirational appreciated than the rest.

Michael Kornbluth