Quiet Riots My Ass

Rioting is negative language used against black people? What expression would you prefer to replace rioting, Maxine Waters? Liberation from the law, bring on the ruckus, skull fucking the police, free style Brooklyn stomps, resisting arrest house party music, Korean deli dissing,  reparation looting, it’s hammer time cankles time?

Why couldn’t Drew Brees tell Lebron to go woke himself? Brees has a Super Bowl ring and is a lionized legend in the Big Easy, which is blacker than Lebron’s ugly jumper. Taking the knee was never about protesting police brutality, it was about trying to have a louder voice than Trump on Twitter, propping up Jay Z’s ego for failing to get Huma Licker breath elected and a pathetic attempt to stick up for Obama’s legacy of declaring open war on cops by spreading lies like hands up, don’t shoot, castrating our military, empowering radical Islam and absolving black fathers of bailing on their kids, failing to teach them to follow thy commandments in the name of social street justice such as thou shall not steal Rollies on Fifth Avenue because Jigga doesn’t give a shit about your piece of a shit demo tape either.

How has Meghan Markle experienced scaring racism again? Oh yeah, the Queen told her to go pound a Grape Crush soda next time she asked to clear out Wimbledon Stadium to watch Serena Williams shout at the white devil.

Tired of being portrayed as a thug? Then, don’t loot, burn and kill in name of Obama Be Good, because making Trump look bad is the only way you matter to Michelle, if you want to make her proud again. Kayne lives.


All lives matter misses the point, Ashton Kutcher never had to audition for that 70’s Show after the black guy from Dazed and Confused.


Black cultures matter, yeah no shit, tell my record collection something it doesn’t know already.  But be a man a half about it and admit you couldn’t name one Wilson Pickett song and have no fucking idea who Sam and Dave are.


Michael Kornbluth