False God Worship Gone Wild

Jeremiah 2:13 “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water and have dug their cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”

Before I light the Shabbat Candles, my 9-year old daughter asks me, “Daddy, what’s the difference between Reformed and Conservative. I say, “In America, Conservative Jews don’t slovenly worship false idols like Bruce Springsteen, Larry David or NBA ruining divas such as Lebron James, otherwise known as King Of The Persecution Complex.  Nor do Conservative Jews in America insist on idolizing false Gods like Obama. Despite Obama Be Meh sounding like a bumbling, fake news deep, poor man’s Bob Marely off the teleprompter without the aid of his former speechwriter Ben Rhodes helping him sell the world on why we must trust Iran to honor their nuke building timeout commitment, regardless of Iran’s well-earned killer reputation as the biggest, financier of worldwide terror until the new budget year kicked in for the Empire, to rebuild the Death Star again.”

I support the Conservative Jewish branch of Judaism’s compromised concessions to make their houses of worship more inclusive over the years in America. For example, I’m all for the Conservative branch of Judaism in America finally accepting non-Jews into their congregation, which only started in 2017. Plus, I don’t think Conservative Rabbis officiating intermarriages is the worst thing in the world, if the Jewish man like myself got married to a gentile, even if she refused to convert on the behalf of my putz embedded DNA, if it was still kosher for us to raise our eventual kids under the Jewish faith.

But I certainly don’t see the need for the Conservative Jewish movement in the US to exert any more effort to placate the so-called tolerant sensibilities among the doxing, post woke, editorial board of the NY Times these days either. The same NY Times who bends over backwards to provide real hate speech op-ed forums for Minnesota congressional rep Omar, who claims Uncle Sam’s support of Israel is purely about the Benjamins. Because Jews control the Federal Reserve and all the banks in the North Pole to. How did Baby Face Omar acknowledge the anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death on Twitter this year? Did she tweet, “Something happened, to a horn hiding Jazz singer who exploited the great Palestinian Songbook for all it was worth?”

How can a God-fearing Jew be giddy at the prospect of enrolling their kids in a Reform Hebrew Schools today, knowing their identity politics obsessed Rabbis openly support the practice of sanctuary cities? Whose policy is to rerelease convicted murders and rapists back into our streets as soon as we catch them? The same reform Rabbis who aren’t calling out ANTIFA for being new age Nazi Stormtroopers in black hoodies on the loose, codded by progressive District Attorney’s and progressive city mayors, who instruct their police squads to stand down as their fellow cops are being blinded by lasers as their cop precincts are being burnt to the ground in the name of peaceful, social righting justice, allegedly.

At the same time, how you can stomach one more Zoom service with a Reform Synagogue knowing the same Reformed Jewish Rabbi there has perpetually sold the easily debunked lie of white nationalists being responsible for causing all the massive unrest during this past summer of love? Which resulted in David Dorn, a retired police officer in St. Louis getting murdered while trying to defend his friend’s store, only for his horrific death to be live streamed on Facebook for his entire family to see in real time, which is as terrifyingly real as it gets.

How many of these woke Reformed Jewish Rabbis in America today ever denounced Jussie Smollett? After he almost inciting a nationwide race war in one not so smooth swoop? How can you be a patriotic Jewish, family man today, and be enthralled with the idea of attending more Zoom synagogue services with a Reform Rabbi, whose never disavowed Kamala Harris for encouraging other celebs to post bail for violent rioters arsonists at large? How can a Jewish father in America today in good conscience send his kids to a Reformed Synagogue today, who doesn’t condemn AOC for her grotesque trivialization of the Holocaust by comparing our border detention facilities with centralized AC to real life concentration camps like Auschwitz?

For the past 3 plus years, Hollywood, Academia, Big Tech, post woke Corporate America and the NY Times have done everything in their power to smear shame Trump supporters into cowering silence through branding all of their Obama smack talk as “hate speech”. They’ve been more than complicit in absolving any blame on the instigation of the Coronavirus from China, scrubbed any medical professional videos on YouTube which encourage the reopening the schools, promote the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine or cite medical journals which prove masks don’t provide guaranteed immunity from the Kung Fu fighting virus either.

Kayne West sports a MAGA hat in the White House and he’s branded by the media mob online and off as “crazy”, because it exposes the idiotic fallacy behind the fake news assertion of a MAGA hat being the equivalent of a Klan hoodie today, knowing real life skinheads have nothing to hide. I’m supposed to believe the same 64 million plus Americans who voted for Obama twice, are in the midst of born again, white supremacist crisis? It doesn’t mater, we all know anyone for the past 3 plus years whose dared to wear a MAGA in public is inviting non stop verbal harassment or the highly likely possibility of being physically assaulted even if you’re one of the real life Golden Girls, who Cuomo hasn’t killed off yet to make POTUS look bad. The same attack dog, compassionate culture at the Huffington Post, which has never been condemned the act of doxing the personal information of ICE agents because the preservation of homeland security was so weapons of mass destruction years. Did Vox or Buzzfeed ever condemn the doxing of Tucker Carlson’s house in D.C, which lead to a group of ANTIFA thugs, trying to knock down the door to his house, with his wife home alone as she cowered in the closet among of sea of stinky gym socks from Vineyard Vines, as she called 911 in abject horror to come save her? But the NY Times maintains the moral high ground and special glint of divinity by doxing the home addresses of Ecuadorian immigrants who were supposed to be quoted off the record when asked about MS-13.

POTUS passing prison reform, getting Nobel Peace Prize nominations for normalizing relations between Arab nations and Israel or taking Dennis Rodman’s calls to congratulate him on getting Kim Jong to cut out his nuke carrying, ballistic missile stress tests is promoting hate crimes against Muslims and Jews? Sure, and the Catholic Church has bent over backwards to punish pedophilia within its ranks through peacefully transferring them to another parish in an endless, innocuous game of musical chairs. Don’t you get it Trump supporters , if you don’t submit your right to freedom of speech in the service of sucking off Obama’s fake news good hued legacy till your last dying breath, you’ll be doxed, fired from your job and be branded as an eternally unredeemable racists deplorable piece of shit for ever daring to question the all knowing authority of Big Tech nerds and partisan media hacks as they purport to be with all their blustery, bitchy might to be the ultimate arbitrator of good versus evil, even more so than the all mighty Lord himself.

Last, trying to prop up Obama’s so called stellar leadership in the Middle East, especially after he rebranded ISIS, ISIL, so they’d sound more startup friendly in the NY Times doesn’t bend the moral arc of goodness in your favor CNN, sorry. And siding with the Holocaust trivializing squad ad nauseam NY Times, doesn’t fulfill God’s idea of us perfecting the world he gave us to perfect, in a false God worshiping, post woke world gone wild.

Michael Kornbluth

Do It All Coach Dads Podcast Pitch

LaVar Ball’s son Lonzo Ball got him a Bentley for his birthday. Do you think a son would hook up his dad with a Bentley for his birthday, if he wasn’t the driving force responsible for him signing an NBA contract with the Lakers, so he could become everything he dreamed to be and that much more?

Barry Bonds had Bobby, Ken Griffey had Senior and Brandon had Bruce Lee, Grant Hill had Thomas Hill, Luke Walton had Bill. Are you touched yet? Do you have any interest in learning how these Do It All Coach Dads bonded through coaching with their new and improved seed, especially knowing their genetically blessed offspring, were also prime beneficiaries of such remarkable, war won wisdom to derive from the start?

Regardless, if you’re dad or not, it’s impossible to not derive some vicarious form of do it all dad pride from mere pictures of father son athletes done good like the one of Rick and Hall of Fame father Brent Barry after he won an NBA Championship for the Spurs.

What drove these Do It All Coach Dads to assume ownership of their kids life education? Because aren’t all coaches, at least the good ones, life coaches who instruct us how to become leaders of men on and off the court, if they push those to the limit, who inspire others through their sheer hard work, passion, grit, imaginative play, commanding flair and developed communicative touch?

When I think of my favorite movies, which fill my soul with infinite do good, empowered, fighting back possibility, I think of the relationships between Rocky and Mick, Mr. Miyagi and Danielsan, even Drago and his son in Creed 2. The one scene, where Drago’s son storms out of their dinner meeting with his mom and the Russian dignitary she left Drago for after losing to Stallone in Rocky 4 was brutal to watch for me, especially, when Drago’s son says to his Dad soon after on their way out the door, “She abandoned us.” I cried on the spot when watching this scene. Drago had done some hardcore bonding with his son through coaching to say the least. Dragon’s son in Creed 2 also represents all of his unfulfilled dreams, which is a common theme most Dad star athletes of yesteryear can identify with and I’ll take Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen for 500 Alex.

Do It All Coach Dads Podcast will give coach dads their long overdue praise and the much needed star studded spotlight they deserve because it’s their opinions about the enduring importance of faith, the power of positive thinking, visualization, preparation, goal setting, will power, practice, hard work, motivation and grit who I care about learning from the most. It’s those Do It All Dad Coach Dads who disperse experience informed tips on what ultimate success looks, feels and acts like as teammates, co-workers, husbands, fathers who I care about learning from the most on a sports educational podcast, not from some random 19 year old rookie in the NBA on Twitter who still educating himself on Hitler, sorry.

Who taught Do It All Coach Dads about how to bounce back from defeat? Who taught these Do It All Dad Coach Dads that the only way to feel like a winner is to win again? How were these Do It All Dad Coach Dads raised to hate losing more than I-Tunes jamming more unasked for singles from U2 down your throat?

Do It All Coach Dads Podcast sells Do It All Dad Pride in raising strong kids, who live to compete because the act of competition and pressure packed adrenaline from performing live in front others, is responsible for bringing out their best fighter selves, while team sports offers the more emotionally expansive opportunity to achieve a greater sense of wholesome purpose and blood on blood unity, which is hard to replicate in the boardroom or in the office kitchen for inclusive, Taco Tuesdays, with plenty of vegan options, after their college playing days are long gone.

Do It All Coach Dads sells do it all dad pride in raising inspirational leaders instead of sheepish followers, doers instead of talkers, creators instead of consumers, builder uppers, instead of belittling, put’um downers.

Bonding through coaching can make our kids great again. Do It All Coach Dads will tell sports related stories of triumph and comeback success, through interviews with Do It All Coach Dads and their kids sometimes together, to focus on the holy, unique bond formed among father coaches and their cherished student athlete children, who receive the greatest gift a father could give their child, like the late great Jim Valvano once said, “My Dad believed in me.”

Michael Kornbluth