Go Fuck Yourself To

New TV pilot concept to develop into a fully developed, plotted out, punched up pilot episode for Scriptapalooza by October 11th.

Maternal Waves: A single dad and father of 3 auditions various tranny nannies as a form of research for his new book Maternal Waves. A modern day novel that examines the driving force behind maternal waves among all sexes, ages and creeds while trying to isolate the type who never experiences that wave of emotion at all.

Every debut rap album is, you might not live till tomorrow. There’s envy at the top. I spit bullet rhymes like a sniper MC. Better vest up cop. And don’t be lazing. I ain’t some fat, washed up ho like Lauryn Hill who you can easily arrest for tax evasion. Everyone knows Lauryn Hill was the weakest link in the Fugees like low grade kine. Today, only Wyclef is the pimping baller MC Hef left from the Fugees on everyone’s mind. Can I get a holla for killing loudly, long time, all the time, challah? Thank you very much.

It’s hard not to think Female hairdressers flirt with me through my sons all the time. Whenever I hear lines like, “I didn’t know you had 3 kids. Your seed stock just went sky high in my eyes. And your other son is gorgeous to. Is your tile on LinkedIn Stud Farm Feeder or what? I say, “Let’s not ignore my daughter Matilda over here to, my funnier, far prettier twin, whose DNA is all over her face.”

Best home team ever advice: Daughter says, “Daddy, next time mama pisses you off, pretend your Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. At home wife says, “Why would you use the broom when you can use the vacuum? I say to myself, “Bite your lip if you ever want to cum on your wife and give her another urinary track infection again. Jesus forgives fake news feminists to.”

Signs Double IPA’s from Vermont and balling don’t mix. I never missed this badly ever, let alone 3 times in a row. It was a worse look than Lebron sneaking his own line of tequila into the Suns, Bucks game, with a mask dangling down from his chin. So he could look smart like a fake news plastic surgeon in attendance.

I hate all guitar instructors already after only one lesson. First, my holding technique is derided as weird. I thought guitar instructors took up the guitar because they could never get laid on the strength of their personality alone. But I’m the weirdo for trying to wrap by ET size fingers around a guitar neck while doing my best not to cup the guitar with my left hand which is like trying to jerk off with my left hand for a slower, sack emptying pace.

To make matters worse, my guitar instructor attempts to tune my guitar on my beautiful, blue sky Fender fly Stratocaster that was playing like a Siamese Dream prior, conjuring images of my son’s endlessly beautiful oceanic eyes, before popping not one but 2 of my guitar strings in the process. He was performing a vasectomy on my guitar without my permission, which made my balls feel like Edward Scissorhands face. I go back to the Guitar store and demand, “First, I want you to restring my guitar. Now it sounds like hollowed out version of Michael Lohan after Lindsey Lohan cut off her dad from her joint Amex card account. Second, I want to be comped for the string cheese incident bust my 1st guitar lesson was. Third, I want a new instructor whose not going to spend half the time of my 30 minute guitar lesson ripping the hymen out of my heart by desecrating my ax with his terrorizing, trigger happy fingers again, kapeesh?

Son asks, “Why don’t you want to see the new Space Jam movie daddy?” I say, “Because Lebron’s too much of a poser showoff chicken shit to ever compete in a dunk contest during all star weekend, which makes him a fake news jam hero in my book.

This is my daughter knowing me better than my wife. She says, “Daddy, do you like this Barbie better? She’s the mommy.

Last night, I thought I was snuggling with my wife for 2 minutes max, but it turned out to be my 9 year old daughter. It’s good thing I was wearing shorts and wasn’t getting aroused by my wife’s dressed down nightie prior.

Drop the wife off at work this morning. She says, “60 days free of alcohol feels great.” I said, “You don’t have to look after our 3 kids for a whole Sunday with sporadic thunderstorm forecasts throughout for a 12 hour stretch. I’d walk with an extra spring to my step to like Jennifer Aniston on the rebound to.

Bill Burr wants both sides to stop yelling at each other. We didn’t start the fire Bill. Wannabe punisher vigilantes in hoodies for ANTIFA and Thugs Lives Matter Most did, genius.

After we leave the kids salon, my son asks, “Daddy, why do we tip”” I say, “To let someone know you appreciate a job well done, resulting in spewing glee like at end of a lap dance from any busty vixen in a Russ Meyer movie.” Faster Pussycat Kills lives. Can I get a holla for some noshtastic Challah? Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Burning Mask Party (Slight Return)

At the Kosher Butcher and say, “A jar of Duck sauce. I don’t have to go out for Chinese ever again. Only to feel less welcome than a resurgent herpes sore on the spot.” Latino Koshertarian Butcher laughs long time.

Do kids in China count bats if they have a hard time staying away for finals week?

Have you seen the new Sales Force Towner in Manhattan? I haven’t seen such a hulking monstrosity taint the Manhattan skyline since Meghan McCain floated down Broadway dressed as a plus size Gumby for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A leadership book by Cuomo is less believable than a Stacy Abrams romance novel, especially when the character based on her, finds love as a middle-aged TV executive for BET who ditches the fat suit in exchange for a parachute jumper on casual Friday.

I hate run on sentence critics. It’s my fault you’re slow and can’t keep up with my gender fluid flow.

Critical Race Theory is bullshit. Guaranteed money in the NBA, regardless of injury or a reliable hook shot or strong the move to left off the dribble is so oppressive.

If Biden is such a good guy, then why didn’t he tell Hunter to cut out creaming in his dead brother’s wife seconds after the cremation ensued?


AI Karen

It’s hard to keep your calm when a robot kiosk at the Podiatrist office tells you to wear a mask before it takes your temperature. Granted, all Karen’s sound like robotic, joyless wenches. But a virtue signaling, AI powered Karen is twice as annoying because it reminds you how much real-life Karen’s are devoid of self-correction and incapable of introspection to. AI Karen is pure evil though because it’s embedded with Silicon Alley privilege, which gets away with mass murder by censoring content promoting the highly effective use of hydroxychloroquine or large-scale consumption of anti-oxidant rich, garlic clam pies from Lombardi’s on Spring Street, used to boost your immune system, which ensures the made in Wuhan virus doesn’t make you meet your maker prematurely.

But seriously, explain to me why I need to wear a mask around a Kiosk check in robot at the Podiatrist’s office again? Delta variant or not, why should I give a shit about Short Circuit becoming terminated again? Also, how do you know I’m not vaccinated already AI Karen? Did you Google my name already to find out if I was banned from Twitter? For insisting Wuhan lab leak investigations have been suppressed by the Chinese more than the nation-wide use of AquaFresh? You don’t have anything to live for anyway AI Karen. You work in the lobby of a podiatrist office. What’s the highlight of your day exactly? Dr. Archer footing the bill for Chipotle? If you were Elon Musk’s personal robot responsible for charging his 3-car garage full of Tesla’s whenever he’s away on business or just managing a Tesla loading dock along the Jersey Shore next to post- modern woke, guido nation, I’d feel like a semi-useful, high rolling robot through association for a change. But you’re still nothing more than a robotic pawn of the CDC AI Karen, while working for a Vineyard Vines sporting Podiatrist that’s not even based in Manhattan for that matter, but in Westchester Country down the street from George Soros no less. Unlike Brando, you were never programmed to be a real contender at anything. Last, being an AI Karen is worse than being a real-life Karen who shows up to a Target in Mount Kisco being looted on the 4th of July as a Burning Mask Party outside ensues while real life Karen’s BLM sticker tricked out Subaru goes up in flames like a Public Enemy video come to life in a NY nanosecond. Are my micro-agressions computing yet AI Karen? Everyone should be participating in the burning mask party on July 4th AI Karen, AI Karen robots included. And fuck Al Gore, AI Karen. I don’t sweat global warming because Al Gore’s documentary film career has cooled considerably. His wife’s rising levels of lingering belly fat would keep me up at night though. Especially if Al doesn’t want to get caught at a massage parlor again, despite him only requesting older happy enders, knowing he can’t be accused of promoting under-age sex trafficking when a picture of Deep Fang’s loose lipped snatch proves she wasn’t yanked off the boat yesterday.

Burning Mask Party (Slight Return)  

What’s the message behind the chiseled, inanimate, 30-foot Atlas sculpture on Fifth Ave wearing a mask exactly? Follow the Atkins Diet and socially distance from carbs?

Forcing our kids to wear muzzle masks is wrong. A mask mandate on Boris Johnson’s wife at the G7 Summit, not so much, woof, woof.

Masks are the new condoms, only because I can’t cum in my wife wearing one either, cooing, “Yay, Yay, sex is fun again.”

No kids are dying from COVID, yet Dr. Gnocchi acts like the COVID virus depresses your immune system more than entry into the Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Biden is donating thousands of free COVID vaccines to Africa like a poor man’s Bill Gates, who can’t code for this shit either.

My wife really wants me to catch COVID. So, she can rub it in my face and say, “That’s what you get for going down on MAGA mom.”

Why haven’t I got a vaccination shot yet? Because I don’t have a job at Salesforce and don’t last at sales jobs very long, which explains why I’ve been fired more than a Palestinian Sling Shot. Why haven’t I got the vaccination shot yet? Because I’m not in the army now.  Plus, if I wanted to join the Army now, I’d be labeled as a right-wing extremist. Because they’d learn about my shemale search history on thirdlegs.com, which means I’m against Sharia law and genital mutilation all at the same time, which isn’t gay enough for Mayor Pete’s tastes, I guess. Why haven’t I gotten the vaccine yet? Because I don’t want to act all campy, sporting a “Just Vaccinated” sticker, which screams, look at me, I’m not on Trumpy Poo’s side to. Why haven’t I gotten the vaccine yet? If diehard Democrats of what’s become the open borders, rape enablement party, didn’t have their heads stuck so far up their ass, they’d see how they’re not the only ones allowed to resist. Why haven’t I gotten the vaccine yet? Because the pediatrician for my 3 kids told me to get one and he thinks Biden won fair and square. Yeah, and President Trump is allergic to high end trim. Explain to me why Biden got more votes than Obama Be Good again doc? Is it because Mr. Groper looks like a more virile Jimmy Carter in Aviator shades? School nurse sent my kid home today because he coughed BULLSHIT. After his friend Hobbs said he got COVID from watching a Trump Rally on Fox News. Doctor asks me “How do you think your son could’ve gotten COVID?” before the test results came back negative. I said, “We looted a Target in Minneapolis for George Floyd Appreciation Month. But don’t worry doc, we stole all the masks we could find. So, we could throw our Burning Mask Party on July 4th to light a fire under any patriotic verve Lady Liberty has left. The never-ending shit show ends today, USA, USA, USA. Michael Kornbluth