The Hunchback of Open Borders Fame

Biden on why he’s running for President.

German Prime Minster, Angela Merkel begged me to run.

She can’t bear the brunt of open borders on those mushed shoulder pads alone.

All the W massages in the world, can’t undo those back knots of her country’s grave digging despair.

Michael Kornbluth

MAGA Hats and Skinheads Don’t Mesh

MAGA Hats and Skinheads don’t mesh.

The MAGA hat is symbol of white supremacy?

Did Kayne West boast at his campaign rally about being a more a stable genius than Eminem in his MAGA hat? I don’t get it.


The MAGA hat is a Nazi cap.

But Skinheads have nothing to hide.

Plus, Trump’s campaign slogan wasn’t, “Make Nazi Germany Great Again”, dude. 

Michael Kornbluth