All American Gold

This is Russell Simmons addressing rape allegations with Gayle King. Read my lisp Gayle. I didn’t rape any of those vengeful, over the hill hoes. I was going to do that joke at the Apollo. 2 hours later, my number hasn’t been called to audition for Showtime At The Apollo. Then, I got triggered after reading article about Nipsey Hussle like he’s the second coming of Tupac and I bolted faster than Usain Bolt with a Chinese Bat on his tail. I already felt less welcome than a resurgent herpes sore on the spot. So, I bolted, thinking, “Fuck the Apollo. It lost its soul when it let Bjork perform after Amy Schumer did, which is a double whammy of shame. Moms Mabley wouldn’t have fucked Amy Schumer with a replica of Sam Cooke’s strapping dick. Who opened for Bjork at the Apollo anyway, The Shrieking Seals? I have 2 books to edit before Father’s Day, Do It Dad Does Jokes and Controlling My Kids With Comedy, A Love Story. I’m out of here. It’s bad enough my wife is already texting me with a request to call her and keep her company in the car with our 3 kids while I have the entire house to myself for change. I’m audi 5000 like Vanilla Ice if Suge Knight busts out of Folsom State Prison with a bigger chip on his shoulder than Michelle Obama’s shoulder pads after Melania was rumored to have fumigated the Lincoln bedroom once they moved in. Apparently, Michelle peed on ceiling fan before Trump’s inauguration. Seconds later, Trump comments to Melania, “Is this what She-Hulk meant when She-He said, “When they go low, we aim high.” Joan lives, holla, thank you very much.”

I leave the bowling alley with my son and this cool Latino biker taking a smoke break outside with his woman says, “Leaving so soon.” I say, “I’ve got 2 kids to pick up now. I never mastered the art of the pump fake.” Latino biker laughs long time. He adds, “You’ve got a great looking kid, God bless.” I say, “I call him chosen curls was bound to woo. I always call him that name in front of my gentile mother-in-law to make her extra tense, whenever were graced with her presence again. But that’s what the bitch deserves for giving my kids eucharist behind my back. And my people the Jews are supposed to have monopoly on backstabbing behavior. Your laugher proves I’m not being a paranoid Jew about it. Thank you very much. But I better tone it down out here in the parking lot or I’ll be charged with hate speech against Unhuggable Cunts, who blamed the broken AC in her car for not visiting her grandchildren one whole summer. Like my father-in-law wouldn’t mind his wife sweating off some tons in the process. I didn’t give her atrophy of the knees, The View did, pushing more lies about Russian collusion with less legs than Lieutenant Dan. Those same chicken heads and fake news comedians never dared to ask Jill Biden if Hunter is the smartest guy she knows. Hunter thought a Ukranian energy company was paying him 52 grand a month to sell borscht as the new Kombucha. Who needs a microphone? I’m sounding louder than Busta Rhymes at a Midnight Showing of Higher learning.” The Latino Biker and his woman laugh long time throughout. Thank you very much.

Knicks fans won’t be allowed to attend Knicks games without showing proof of vaccination if they advance to the second round of the playoffs, And I thought the Biden supporters were guilty of wishful thinking.  

It was just matter of time before the world’s most famous arena, tried to become the most woke to. The Garden of Eden has morphed into Capital Building overnight. Why not erect a fence around the Garden with dangling Knicks masks hanging on it instead? Don’t masks keep the virus at bay like triple wrapping your dick, before rolling around with Madonna’s blown-up camel snatch in the hay?

Madison Square Garden demands Knicks fans show proof of vaccination if they advance to the second round of playoffs, which hasn’t happened since 1999 during the days of Sprewell. This was before Urban Dictionary wasn’t even created to birth new words like Spree (verb) To flee from an impending choke hold. Holla, thank you very much. Again, I thought getting the vaccine prevents you from catching COVID or does it only make you immune from charges of being an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist, who refuses to suck off Dr. Gnocchi’s exalted wisdom concerning infectious disease prevention till your last dying breath?

Everybody knows Fuck Face Fauci helped finance the Wuhan research, which birthed the world economy wrecking Wuhan virus from hell. But keep on thinking the media and government really care about your personal wellbeing New York. Shutting down the economy for an itchy esophagus, defunding the police, embracing sanctuary city policies, which is encouraged lawlessness on crack, banning bail and posting Cuomo’s meatball recipes on Pinterest will keep New Yorkers pinned to their seats at the Garden in record numbers in no time. Because Andrew Dice Clay playing the Garden in this post woke, COVID controlled universe gone wild will make it the world’s most famous arena again, despite Durant choosing to play for Brooklyn to become the mumble core voice for the mope maligned millennial mousketeer generation. Because I’m positive MSG would welcome Dice back to perform for his 3-night special engagement only titled The Day Democracy Died, after night one, when he opens with. Fuck China. Chinese made Fentanyl has killed more crackers in this country than Taylor Swift kicking with Lena Dunham on Instagram. Trump’s the anti-Christ. But in the bible part 2, doesn’t the original super Jew before me, Jesus Christ kill the Anti-Christ. So have some faith in the Jesus comeback story, won’t you people? I actually had to Google Anti-Christ to find out what it meant. At the time, I thought that’s what Pig Vomit called Howard in Private Parts before he came out as weird, weak woke Howard. So how bad could the Anti-Christ be? That is until Perm Head Howard divorced his wife Alison for Beth, who’s a 6.2 by ghoulish tranny standards at best. But weird woke Howard dumps on Trump supporters, so Jimmy Kimmel keeps on inviting him over for more 2-bite chicken parm dinners. Was just at Target and saw Michelle Obama’s book Reach Higher and I thought. Bill Maher just got a stiffy. Joan Rivers, I fucked her oh. I can’t take no more.

Michael Kornbluth

Hillary Should’ve Hailed A Cab In Harlem

Do you remember when it took Hillary Hammer Time Cankle’s 5 times to get her MetroCard to work, for a failed photo op in a subway station in Harlem? Before swipe number 5, you can see Hillary Hammer Time Cankles, give herself a pep talk,  muttering, underneath her stank afternoon Chardonnay breath, “Super predators, I mean black people are watching.  You can do it.”

Michael Kornbluth