Chosen Clutch Ones

I love my new Air Jordans. They’re called 6 Rings. Lebron calls them. Wind beneath my Arch Angel Wings. What? According to Snopes Knows Best, Arch Angels are the second lowest rank of angels, after MJ, Larry Bird, and Magic. You don’t believe me, King of the Persecution Complex? Snopes Knows Best is a well-regarded fact-checking website, according to MAGA-hating Alexa. Snopes Knows Best debunks urban legends like you being the one most like Michael. Dunking at your son’s high school basketball games during warm-ups isn’t equal to Nate the Great skying over Dwight Howard in a Superman cape champ.

Stop pouting, King. I know you want to call Jokic a white Serbian nationalist worse than calling Anthony Davis softer than the Grand Dragon’s new pillowcase thread count after getting a gift certificate for his birthday on

Jokic taunting you in your dreams as the fake news chosen one who just got swept in the Western Conference Finals is a terrifying thought to contemplate in a post-thug’s lives matters most universe; I get it.

But if you’re serious about getting bumped up to Jesus Shuttlesworth’s status in He Got Game. Then, rely on something other than a Hall of Fame sharpshooter to bail you out for the NBA finals game. Instead, win three more rings to be spoken in the same breath as Choke Free Jordan, champ. But oddsmakers leftover from Tony Soprano’s crew, since Jimmy the Greek’s extended family went into the Gender Fluid Greek Spa tour business, are betting against you flying high among choke-free angels of yesteryear like Mike if you think teaming up with your son Brony Bonbons from Bel Air will get the job done. Didn’t his school Sierra Canyon High School, lose to Harvard West Lake, where Jason Segel from How I Met Your Mother used to be considered a low post-threat?

Larry Bird beat Magic on a team that had Worthy and Kareem on it with a broken back. Magic Johnson never took flopping lessons from Lena Dunham, rocking the arm flapper look on Instagram, while getting into character for the Hunchback of Bushwick during Restaurant Week.

Higher ranking angels like MJ, Bird, and Magic were consistently choke-free, which you can’t claim based on your shooting percentages in 4th quarter games against the white Serbian nationalist alone.

Make HIV disappear like Magic without access to his top-secret Truvada stash and you’ll achieve higher ranking angel status in my book, United We Laugh, I prove it every day.

Chosen Clutch Ones live, Challah thank you very much. 

Michael Kornbluth

Samuel The Prophet

With all that relief money in the world, you’d Zelensky could spring for a new shirt. Now I know why they call them Army Fatigues. 

What is Louie guilty of besides failure of imagination? 

Especially on his shirts sold during his Apology Tour, which said nothing but “Sorry” on them.                                                                                                                                           

I wouldn’t beat around the bush and be more offensively apologetic with my T-Shirt design ideas. 

I’d unload with something that sticks to the ribs like “Sticky Life,” “Got Wipes,” “Hornier Around Hacks,” “Get A Grip You No Name Bitch” or “Coming In A Green Room Near You Minneapolis.” The Muslim call to prayer on state-of-the-art Bose speakers in the Town Square always gets me in the mood before another killer set. 

Lazy Man Sex Lives, Challah. 

Thank you very much.

Charlie Day from Always Sunny talks about his old NYC apartment during his Today Show interview. 

At least he had an apartment in Manhattan. 

Who paid his deposit and 1st month’s rent?

Did the Gang Go to Plumbing School? 

Hey D, you wear the damn mask. But suck the hate speech out of my super soaker 1st.

Pretend Obama ordered you to leak it. 

Has the Always Sunny crew done the episode, The Gang Goes Election Fraud, yet?

Or did lawyers representing Dominion issues a gag order on that pitch after they scrubbed their profiles clean after the stolen election on LinkedIn? 

Have they done an episode called The Gang Get’s Vaccinated yet? 

And get Andrew Cuomo to play the fake news mayor of Philly when Chris Rock was pimping the vaccine that gives you blood clots on TV; that worked less than Russell Westbrook running the Triangle Offense. 

Remember when Cuomo was considered a fawned-over sex symbol who pushed his clot shots harder than his gender-fluid pink ziti recipes on Pinterest? 

Despite Cuomo looking like the Thing and Mama Fratelli had a baby. 

Cuomo getting paid to write a book on leadership is like Hitler writing a book on Anger Management, Woody Allen writing a book on hands-off parenting, or Kevin Durant getting picked to a Ted Talk on how to block out the sound of Cyberbullying.

I don’t know what’s weirder. 

My Dad asking me how work was going on my Birthday, when deep down, he knows I just got fired. 

Or my mom, playing hot potato with her smartphone with my dad before he finally got on the phone to pseudo-sing me Happy Birthday. 

It was a stutter step move because he started singing solo, but you can tell his heart wasn’t in it. 

He mustered to belt out a raspy, gutted, Happy Birthhole Day, in a half-hearted manner. 

For comedic purposes, I remained silent after he barely got out Happy Birthole Day, which shook him out of his comfort zone, which was already nonexistent. 

My Dad suddenly has a mini-heart attack on the spot after realizing he isn’t equipped with the voice or drive to sing me Happy Birthday in full without my mother chiming in to lead the way. 

Dad says in an incredibly awkward, stilted way, “I was singing you Happy Birthday.” 

I reply. 

I heard Dad. 

I remained quiet to see if you’d commit to singing multiple choruses in a row. 

But don’t worry; I wasn’t holding my breath. 

Since you wrote me off in your heart for supporting Trump on my Podcast for free before he let the Dominion Machines kill Democracy under his Operation Death Speed plugging watch.

Comedians hate it when common folk disrespect laugh yanker giants. 

For example, I’m in the Post Office and ask if that Stamp on display was of Redd Foxx. 

The Post Office Worker laughed off my inquiry with huffy, patronizing disgust. 

So, I fire back with, “He used to sell weed with Malcolm X. He opened his comedy club in Hollywood as Rodney Dangerfield did on the Upper East Side, close to Scores. 

I’m saying that without Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy isn’t banging out 12 kids without batting an eye after getting paid 20 million for the Vampire of Brooklyn. 

I bumped into my younger brother’s ex-girlfriend, whom he’s banging again but chose to pass on initiating a conversation. 

What was going to be my icebreaker? 

Banging you when I had the chance would’ve been gross because that would be like getting HPV from my brother. 

So, how do you feel about your brother logging more face time with your one kid versus my 3? 

You should’ve seen how my mom’s face lit up when she showed me a pic of your kids on her smartphone. 

You’d think Biden, AKA Hair Plugs Sniffer, beat Trump and Cancer on the same day without having to nuke Sloan Kettering Chemo Ward for refusing to sell their radiation reserves to Ukraine to keep Putin on his toes. 

Stephen A Smith doesn’t like to be challenged by Jewish New Yorkers who are more intelligent than him. 

Or else he’d still be doing 1st take with Max Kellerman. 

Who’s more inclined than Skip Bayless to call out bullshit. The next time another pro Athlete like Deshaun Jackson goes on record about educating themselves on Hitler. 

Who’s more included in calling out bullshit? The next major black entertainer, like Kayne or Kyrie Irving, plays the Black Israelite card to deflect charges of anti-Semitism. 

You can’t be anti-Semitic if you’re a Black Israelite. 

Yeah, and I’m sure your DNA shows up on King David’s, Shaka Zulu. 

Always trust your instincts. 

I wrote in my notebook, avoid wife on your Birthday. 

But what I do, is share my beers with her when I’ve denied myself all year during my year without beer. 

I got 47 handpicked to represent my circle of life for my birthday bash occasion. 

Only to blow off my plan to play hooky with my son and have lunch at the Oyster Bar in Manhattan. 

Later that day, my son quoted the movie Copland and said, “Daddy, I gave you a chance, and you blew it.” 

At the same time, a moment like this lessens the sting of regret. 

I hate New York more than ever since ANTIFA and BLM were deemed righteous upholders of law and order. 

Yeah, and Turbo Tax is culturally biased software. 

And ANTIFA aren’t a bunch of Punisher Vigilante wannabes who never outgrew their pyro phase. 

Diversity is our strength. 

Is that why those crazy white boy meth heads in ANTIFA require Tommy John Surgery every time they hurl a concrete milkshake at a gay Vietnamese journalist with a byline with the National Review? 

If Miles Davis’s lonesome trumpet voice sounds like a floating ice burg, then Joe Biden whispering to a girl scout, “Suck my tongue, before the Dalia Lama asks you do it assuming we pump you full of puberty blockers and get you a hair cut at Short Cuts, then his voice sounds like a snoozy poltergeist. 

The morning before, I get fired from my IT Headhunter job,

My son says, “Keep your sleeves rolled up so you get fired and find a job that pays you more money.” 

Samuel the Prophet was correct in his vision. 

I got fired later that morning. 

On my way out, I said, “Trump won, and I’m clot-shot free. At least my heart isn’t a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.” 

Samuel the Prophet lives, Challah.

Thank you very much. 

Michael Kornbluth

Deep Biting Masterpiece

December 7, 2022

Dear Allison Adler,

Florida and Anti-Semitism are so hot right now, which is why you need to give United We Laugh a chance. We can name our next book together Mitzvah Moves, after you become the number one champion of the most hardcore hilarious Headhunter Writer Comedian you haven’t heard of yet. Heart To Hearts, a one man show turned into book form about a Dad who keeps getting passed off to another of one of his Koshertarian Comedian kids while calling them from Union Square a week before Hannukah, ranting wildly into his smartphone while desperately trying to squeeze in some last minute heart to heart conversations with his favorite fans in the universe, while thinking he’s dying of a heart attack after getting disowned from his parents after coming out of the closet as a Gender Fluid Shemale Comedian on his Do It All Dad Year Podcast, thaDxwrxw wzqQQwan g nnnt finally charts on Apple I-Tunes above Marc Maron since he became an unhinged, Big Pharma sucking, sell out hack hippie like the rest  could be a hardcore hilarious romp too.

But let’s make United We Laugh, an international best seli FCC c c CNNler 1st, because we can all rally around the COVID con, including the fake news vaccine that works less than Russell Westbrook running the Triangle Offense or a stay at home COVID truther podcast comedian for the past 5 years. Who can still make fun of election fraud, because he doesn’t have a showbiz career to squander in the 1st place. Who resumes his IT Headhunting career in North White Plains to finance self-publishing his trifecta of masterpieces United We Laugh, The Koshertarian Comedians and Waste Of Height, Really Short Stories, if he can’t find a lit agent or NY based editor who doesn’t feel compelled to bow at the altar of World Cup worship and swelling displays of national pride since the day Democracy died. I rhyme funny too.

Your friends will love me in cocktail parties in Manhattan, guaranteed. United Laugh is a comedic showcase of jokes and imagined scenes post COVID damage done as the never-ending shit show rolls on. I’ve recorded and starred on 136 comedy records on SoundCloud over the past 14 months such as Stab The Clown, Lapping Losers and Do It All Dad Does China. John Lennon wished he was this productive during his stay-at-home dad years.

I think you’d be a strong champion of United We Laugh, because you produce titles with sardonic, fatalistic feeling such as HOW TO STAY PRODUCTIVE WHEN THE WORLD IS ENDING.

United We Laugh is my victory lap. Help me make my Do It All Dad Year come true. Carlin and Lenny Bruce would’ve called out bullshit to voting still mattering and certainly wouldn’t take the fake news vaccine, especially if the open borders Pope promoted it despite all the fentanyl snuck in through our borderless borders being responsible for killing more crackers in this country than Taylor Swift kicking it with Lena Dunham on Instagram. Doctors at Weill Cornell even laugh at that one and they push operation death speed to save the children from the made in Wuhan virus without batting an eye.

According to my SoundCloud stats, I’m huge in Lahore Pakistan and Brazil too. Wordcount for United We Laugh is 120,000 words. You want to sell a pop culture book that actually matters, that was made for these times? You got it. Let’s break the Internet together. Trumpy Poo Tits won’t know what hit him, Groping Biden included.

All My Best,

Michael Kornbluth

Trucking To Zion

“Daddy, Jews for Mormonism doesn’t make any sense. So why are you converting to Mormonism again? Is it because you hate your people since you got fired from your intern blogger position for The Times of Israel for insisting China has resisted Wuhan lab investigations more than AquaFresh?, Little Samuel says. Do It All Dad takes his right hand off the steering wheel of his giant rig renamed Misinformation Machine and rubs his son’s head and says, “Your mother has a younger brother in Utah who’s a high ranking, Generation Z preacher of the Mormon Church, who with a little convincing, can grant me a religious exemption for the COVID vaccination after I convert. Then, I won’t have to worry about the fake news vaccine shot killing me more than the prospect of receiving a career consultation from LinkedIn ever again, my chest. This is an impersonation of Dr. Dre telling Eminem about Microsoft paying 4.5 billion for LinkedIn. Eminem says,” Worrddddddddd, LinkedIn, is lamer than ever yoh!” Thank God, I trusted my gut, cut myself off from Mimi and Papa and got my trucker License instead.”

Little Samuel says, “I’ll always be on your team to make more comedy records daddy, because more comedy records for you is more comedy records for me, moron Son. When will you record comedy record 91, putzy moron butt carrots?” You’re taking forever already. Mama wouldn’t want you to put the brakes on your comedian career on my behalf, not that it hasn’t stopped you before, but you get the gist Boozy Beer Daddy.” Do It All Dad gets a tad misty, overwhelmed with a surge of heart aching emotion and says, “Her dreamy blond looks live through you kid, which should help bolster our case when we ask her Mormon brother Blair Rittenhouse Square The 3rd to give us that religious exemption after he converts me to Mormonism. How can you not get big love in Utah kid? One time, a MILF bum rushed you at the supermarket when you were only 2 and says, “When you get older, you’ll have 3 girlfriends to juggle.” And I said, “If James Woods had this kid’s face, your estimates wouldn’t be so conservative.”

Little Samuel says, “Do most mommies die of heart attacks at 42 Daddy?” Do It All Dad says, “Not unless they’re employed by the WWE kid. Mama died from the COVID clot shot and she didn’t have the strained heart I had from all the cocaine I did in my twenties throughout my thirties, only hearing last call from the bathroom stall while yelling, “Where’s Hunter?” Who is else is going to pay for this shit? Shit, we’re running low on gas. You know the routine Samuel. Money equals freedom and we can’t make it to Utah if we don’t sell some bumper stickers fast. The GPS says there’s a Shell station in 1.2 miles, we should have enough to make it. Still not banking on Obama Be Good lickers like Dave Chapelle getting his cousins Trump voiced GPS systems for Kwanza. On your far left, is Mohegan Sun, Elizabeth Warren’s home away from home. Now, grab the COVID Damage Done bumper stickers and get ready to sell with divine powered authority like Kevin Hart’s agent in convincing Universal Studio’s anyone who calls him a poor man’s Eddie isn’t a jealous hater, just a short on laughs spectator.”

Little Samuel approaches a Karen type going to the bathroom at the Shell station and says, “Hi, can I interest you in a bumper sticker to support the Freedom Trucker Convoy, called COVID Damage Done?” Karen says, “Is that supposed to be a stupid Neil Young reference kid?” As far as I’m concerned you can’t vaccinate kids young enough. Thank God New York state doesn’t allow you to attend Pre-K without wearing a mask on. Wear the damn mask kid, they still work. Do It All Dad interjects, “Hey Karen, why don’t you suck the hate speech and white privilege out of my chosen person schlong first. Consider it elongated love. Pretend Justin Trudeau ordered you to leak it.” A group of truckers overhear the commotion and crack up in unison. One of the truckers raises his voice among the deafening shriek of laughter and says, “I’ll take 100 bumper stickers kid.”

Do It All Dad and Little Samuel arrive at Zion National Park to have a moment with God before plowing forward with the Do It All Dad Does Mormonism pitch to his dead wife’s brother preacher. Do It All Dad says, “God, I’m half a fag, so the polygamy thing isn’t that much of a driving force behind my decision to forsake my Jewish side for Mormonism. Plus, most Mormons voted for Mitt Romney, so their judge of good character is questionable at best. The exalted, all-knowing Mitt called Trump the Anti-Christ for Christ’s sake. But in the Bible part 2, Jesus returns from heaven to defeat the Anti-Christ. So have some faith, in the Jesus comeback story, won’t you, people?” Little Samuel says, “Does this mean you’re not converting to Mormonism now Dad?” Do It All Dad beams with divine powered light and says, “Looks like it doesn’t kid. How many more bumper stickers do we have left?” Samuel says, “We got 52” and one hardcore hilarious joker.” Do It All Dad says, “That should be enough gas money to get us to Vegas. There’s a new Stand-Up Comedy Festival there called, “Seriously Clowning”, the winning comedian gets 25 grand and a co-hosting audition for the Russell Brand’s podcast. I’ll take those odds kid.” Little Samuel looks up to his cherished, Dear Dada and says “You’re going to kill them Daddy, you’re going to kill them. Don’t forget to open with your bit about me confusing Grandma for Kurt Cobain on the TV, which isn’t the most flattering look.” Do It All Dad says, “Nirvana didn’t kill Hair Metal, Aids did, before Magic Made HIV disappear. Courtney Love is Mia Farrow with better husband selection. If Kurt Cobain killed himself at the height of his popularity, then Woody Allen just got a book advance from Random House on a book about hands off parenting, called Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Early Years. I miss Trump’s relentless optimism and over the top salesmanship. If Trump was stabbed with the deep state needle used to take out Easy E, he’d tweet the next morning on whatever hate speech platform he’s allowed to rumble on next, “Do I have HIV? Yes, but my t-cell count numbers have never been stronger. Can I get a holla for some Challah? Mongoloid Moron lives, running on schtick till the end of the time and I feel fine, Challah. Thank you very much.”

Michael Kornbluth

Hacks With Words

Our state of the union is like Colbert’s handle on funny these days, shaky, it’s too bad Bill O’Reilly is no longer important enough to impersonate. At least, Bill O’Reilly gave Colbert gravitas.

Last night, I tried the melatonin gummies that my wife has pushed on my kids as mommy vitamins for a bit.

Because nothing screams hands on parenting than Ambien with training wheels for kids.

The melatonin gummies for kids tasted like Marty making out with his mom.

No, it tasted like I just made out with one of the Flintstones kids after being put on puberty blockers.

Doing wrong for laughs, Gallagher lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Dave Chappelle on SNL

Kyrie Irving wasn’t near the Holocaust. Playing in Brooklyn surrounded by hipster Heeb nation is harrowing enough.

What about claims about Black dudes being the real chosen people spoken down to from the top of Mount Siani Dave? Like God could’ve have gotten in a word otherwise.

Do you still think Black Hebrew Israelites are the real chosen people, Dave? Sure, like King David is showing up on Kyrie Irving’s, Shaka Zulu.

You’re a moderate Muslim, right, Dave? Because you tolerate Obama Be Meh, banging What’s Talent Got To Do With in the Lincoln Bedroom after the new woke, She- Hulk pissed on the ceiling fan after Trumpy Poo Tits got inaugurated. Hours later, Trumpy Poo gets pissed on for real from the ceiling fan above and says to Melania, “Is this, what’s talent got to do with it meant? When the woke she-hulk said, “When they go low, we aim high?”

But nowadays, Michelle is packing on the pounds because of Menopause. And Adam Schiff never clicked on

Accusing the crafty Jews of stealing their chosen people identity from the black Israelites is in poor taste, don’t you think so Dave?

Being a proud Muslim, would you be happy if Alex Jones accused Allah of culturally appropriating the child wife compounds from Mitt Romney country? I didn’t think so, you hypocritical, black supremacist, entertainer protector like the rest, King of The Prosecution Complex included.

Do I think Kayne should be denied a living? No, I support freedom of speech. Plus, I didn’t demonize Kyrie for refusing to take the clot-shot because your boy Rock plugged for Cuomo during the height of his pin up prime, despite always looking like Mama Fratelli from the Goonies and the Thing had a baby. If the King of Popping Cherries were still alive today, Dave, how would he defend himself against all his never land accusers again? Would the king of popping wood on Pee Wee’s Playhouse confess, “All the Beatles Royalty Points in the world, can’t buy me love.”

Hershal Walker is, “observingly stupid”, Chappelle. Hacks like you are making me return back to IT headhunting with an open, jade free heart, if you’re considered the apex standup comedy these days, my chest. You’re a race baiting piece of shit like the rest. Lebron and the CCP, SUCKING, but you’re glued to Obama’s dick way more, sniffing his sandals after Ramadan bike rides through Martha’s Vineyard if born again Muslim John Brennan hasn’t called 1st dibs 1st. You and Obama are nothing more than hacks with words.

Hershal Walker, “Has to think before Tic Tac Toe. That’s the best dumb joke you could steal from Kevin Hart’s writers Dave, you has-been, hack? Jim Brewer’s eyes and Steven Wright upholstery on your futon in Half Baked are twice as funny as you’ll ever be, Obama off the teleprompter included hacks with words, Challah. Thank you very much.

If Republicans want greater voter turnout for the Midterms moving forward or have any desire left to preserve election integrity, then they should showcase a shred of originality and counterattack the big tech machine with bound to trend hashtags on Twitter such as Late Term Abortions, Disinformation Dissing or Red States Bleed George Thorogood.  Lazily calling them the Midterms won’t get Democrats to do anything more than bone up on the basics the night before them. “Dr. Oz, neutered nincompoop. John Fetterman, Tom Segura after a chemo induced stroke.” So cut the Hoodlum Hack some slack.”

Hacks with words, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

United We Laugh Email Pitch

November 13th, 2022

Dear David Patterson,

United We Laugh is a comedic showcase of jokes and imagined scenes post COVID damage done as the never ending shit show rolls on. I’ve recorded and starred on 136 comedy records over the past 14 months such as Stab The Clown, Lapping Losers and Do It All Dad Does China. John Lennon wished he was this productive during his stay at home dad years. I resume my Headhunter Writer career with a focus on IT in a week.

I think you’d be a strong champion of this book because of your involvement in books about punk rock that used to be anti-establishment until Tom Morello started pushing vaccination shots that work less than Russell Westbrook running the Triangle Offense, no offense. Rodney lives, that being Dangerfield, Challah. Thank you very much.

United We Laugh is my victory lap. Help me make my Do It All Dad Year come true. Carlin and Lenny Bruce would’ve called out bullshit to voting still mattering and certainly wouldn’t take the fake news vaccine, especially if the open borders Pope promoted it, just saying.

According to my SoundCloud stats, I’m huge in Lahore Pakistan and Brazil too. Wordcount for United We Laugh is 90,000 words. You want to sell a pop culture book that actually matters, you got it. Let’s break the Internet together. Trumpy Poo Tits won’t know what hit him, Groping  Biden included.

Best Regards,

Michael Kornbluth

Chipmunk Hucksters

I love telling Hair Sniffer supporters left how Democracy is dead.

You’d think I barged into a crowded theater and yelled, “He took showers with his daughter.

And forced her to talk like Buckwheat in the pursuit of hair follicle raising paradise.”

Rock Journalism is dead when Steph Curry graces the cover of Rolling Stone.

That’s like putting a young Cameron Crowe on the cover of Rolling Stone and just as lame.

Why not put Stephen A. Smith on the cover Rolling Stone?

He can complain about not getting paid more than Skip Bayless.

Because of his inferior character after getting Max Kellerman kicked off 1st Take for refusing to kiss Lebron’s ass as if his clot shot hush money from the CCP was riding on it.

About to resume my IT staffing career again.

Dad says.

Mom told me that there’s plenty of money on the table.

Now, will see if you can get it.

Tony Robbins can retire his headset now.

A new life coach motivator is in town.

My dad might as well say, “If you only had Hunter’s contacts. I’m only calling because mom guilted me into it. I still don’t know how were related. My tennis buds still know you as a sheltered bum.

Dad adds.

My old sales boss Norb says, “If you make a mistake, just fess up to it and explain your logic behind your dumb fuck decision.”

I reply.

So be a thoughtful salesperson and don’t be a defensive asshole whenever you fuck up in the process.

Got it pops, I don’t think Poopy Pants in the fake news White House got the memo, Trumpy Poo Tits included.

Lebron’s kids are on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Headline reads Chosen Kids, chosen to what? Hock Lebron’s Tequilla when they turn 21 on Instagram as brand evangelists.

What does Lebron know about Tequilla again?

I thought his body was a temple and only flopped down into the faceplant position for mere show.

At least Mark Wahlberg was the inspiration behind Vincent Chase on Entourage.

Lebron just culturally appropriating MJ’s out of this world clutchness in Space Jam 2.

If John Fetterman is presidential material, Democracy is capable of being revived in our county through a Narcan only.

A cool dad buys his son a drum set at the Guitar Store. His wife says, “Hope you can handle the noise.”

Husband says, “Whatever it takes to drown you out bitch.”

Brother says to my mom, “Football is Brady’s life mom. You can’t expect him to leave it behind for Giselle’s uppity lisp. Besides, at this point, she’s 80 in model years.”

I say, “That’s my material. Do you identify with Carlos Mencia now? If my book United, We Laugh wins some contests and goes on to become an international best seller, I can afford to buy my wife her Range Rover or just make a move on Giselle because I can afford to for a change. What, I’m same age as Tom Brady. Plus, he didn’t win Grooviest in High School. Last, I can make Giselle my latest and greatest, Impossible To Top Cheesesteak that’s made from Impossible Burger Meat which will guarantee immediate lock jaw love in return long time, all the time. I also don’t recall Brady being blessed with the funny Jew bone. And mine is more endowed than the rest. I could mount her standing up versus my German speaking trainer on the Peloton and scream, “Do you feel it in your belly button yet? I’d drink Pineapple Chili hard Kombucha out of your slippery sly snatch during my next fast for carb free week. You can use your Super Angel wings on my daughter for Christmas. I won’t give a shit about her looking like an overdose at the Limelight waiting to happen. I’ll suck on your toes like they were Empanadas stuffed with Duck Confit. I’m down for a three-way Giselle. I’m better at multi-tasking now, off Adderall, I promise. Although if you really want to piss off Tom, you’d be better off banging Pete Davidson. My name Michael Kornbluth is too long for your lisp to wrap around it, it’s a total mouthful. Kim Kardashian can’t wrap her mouth around it. Who would pay money to see that sex tape? I’d rather watch Jared Leto pleasure himself with one working arm in Requiem for a Dream. What’s their idea of pillow talk? So, Kim, what do you think of Steph Curry being on the cover of Rolling Stone? Does Kayne blame the Jews for killing rock journalism too? Kim says, “I’m sure you were on Jan Wenner’s short list Pete.” Chipmunk Hucksters rule everything around us, Challah, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Master Set Record

Do It All Dad kills. #ComedyRecord136MasterSet

Master Set

Sounds of Dronish Cuntry

Over Faking Happiness

Chosen Curls

Vaccinated Buzz Kills

Antioxidant Kids

Danish Dicks

Hardcore Hilarity

Placation Nation

Fame Whore Ho

A Plus Alter Ego

Master Set Sample

Rape Enablement Party

Lesbian Licking Losers

Cock Blocking Party

Over Faking Happiness

Fake meat is off the list.

Blame Biden’s handlers and globalist warlords in charge of Dominion software for ruining Impossible Burgers, Gatorade and pools with lifeguards of any kind.

Daddy, what are Beyond Meat sausages made from again?

Genetically modified soy.

Think of air pockets of distress inside John Fetterman’s brain after getting dislodged from an empty tank of Nitrous.

Daddy, I didn’t get that one.

What are Beyond Meat sausages made from again?

Coconut Oil, rice and Mung Bean, which is a plant in the Legume family.

It’s the pea’s gunkier, pilled out brother.

Think of John Fetterman eating the box of Bocca Burgers because they looked more appealing than frost burn soy patties inside, at the time.

The Beyond Meat Sausage I had this morning, just rubbed me the wrong way.

It felt like I was watching the Beyond Mat documentary about WWF wrestling.

Walking away thinking, it’s more fun to pretend it’s real instead of asking Alexa what these beyond meat sausages are made of.

Beet juice adds added coloring, which allows the Impossible burger to bleed, whoopty freaking do.

That’s like learning how Abdulah The Butcher would let faker wrestler bitches uses mock blood made out of ketchup packets because they’re more softcore bitches than the rest.

Being a Hair Metal guy, I guess I’m prone to mock anything remotely alternative to my original love in the 1st place.

Soundgarden was fine, if you’re into songs about black hole suns, over getting wild in the streets over chasing hotties pre-Aids for fun.

I guess, I’m just sick of fake, being served up as an enriching, healthier alternative to the real best thing, Nancy Pelosi’s gallon jugs with Grey Goose on tap included Challah.

Over faking happiness, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth