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What’s racist about Voter ID? Does Julio have to pass a height requirement, I don’t know about yet?

Aren’t white boy’s plagued with white man’s disease, more marginalized in the NBA than their fellow brother man? Who knew that guaranteed money despite zero moves to the left was so oppressive?

And what’s racist about not wanting to wear a mask? Unless John Kerry’s wife demanded the mask mandate be lifted at their Illuminati gang bang retreat in Sun Valley because she considers banging faceless Jew nerds like Good Will Hoodie at Facebook beneath her.

Who wears masks past Halloween, besides serial killers like Leather Face in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Jason past the NHL playoffs? Rob Zombie isn’t wearing one unless he’s attending an open house at Marilyn Manson’s house after making a killing off the Halloween film’s he directed while slicing Wes Craven’s ego into pieces.

And what’s racist about refusing to get vaccinated with an experimental, potentially deadly vaccine, fake news hippie in the tie dye hoodie? I don’t think doctors in the Nazi party who pushed deadly, experimental vaccines on Jewish kids, gays, and cripples with no regrets are no better than physicians today who don’t condemn the FDA wanting authority to give clot shots on little girls, so their wombs become more polluted than Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface. How can I be racist if I’m against vaccine mandates, especially on kids, if I think doctors of all creeds, who push an experimental, deadly vaccine on kids to avoid catching an itchy esophagus instead, deserve to be hung at the exact same time Fauci is after’s he’s kicked off his booster seat for Fauci Fright Feast Ends directed by Rob Zombie on Pay-Per-View. Plus, you’re the one that said, “Don’t N lip the Philly blunt like you never got your crack pipe addition under control since the Regan years either. Democrats pushed for Jim Crow, founded the Klan and gave us Obama, the most divisive, Jew hating president of all time, so why don’t you shine your war of the hoodies spiel, and jam it up your Rock loving ass, who endorsed Mr. Groper who called Obama “clean” for an African American by the way. The same Rock who’s also guilty of cultural appropriation for exploiting the Rocky brand name 6 movies later, 8 if you’re counting the Creed’s, for all the HGH it’s worth. You’re the racist one for acting above highbrow, historical fiction humor. Or else you’d retweet this a plus gem joke blast to the Rock on Twitter immediately, “Why wasn’t DMX ever accused of cultural appropriation for thuggin up Teddy Rosevelt’s brand of Rough Riders for all it was worth?” But Biden got more votes than Obama Be Good ever did. Yeah, and DMX gave up weed for catnip for Lent, Challah. Yonker’s finest lives, Yonker’s is getting black as shit up here, Challah, thank you very much.”

Spirt of The Internet Radio: Take down anyone who thinks deplorable is anybody who’s glad Jussie Smollett took a shot.

How is masking up our kids in school the right thing to do like my wife on her birthday? Masks are the new condoms, not. I can’t cream in my wife wearing one either, screaming, “Woo, sex is fun again.”

Masks on little girls, don’t scream Woman’s Lib. They cry, “I’m afraid to die. And my parents haven’t even exposed me to Ingmar Bergman films with subtitles about the random, inevitability of heaven free death yet.”

New York City’s only shot of rescinding all vaccine mandates is if Woody Allen comes out as an anti-vaxer on the View. Can you imagine, the most famous neurotic New Yorker of all time, comes out on the View and says, “I’m not an anti-vaxer. I’m just against turning into you Joy.” Whoopie says, “What does that mean Woody?” Woody says, “It means I’ve got a Soon-Yi and won’t die alone after annoying my partner to death like a bat shit crazy cat lady on the Upper West Side like booger face Joy Whoopie? Plus, I’ve been exposed to more deadly threats than COVID? Like waking up next to the head of Seabiscuit after Mia accused me of molesting all the kids on the UNICEF box after her family. Sure, and Joy Behar is going to picked as the new chief happiness officer for Breitbart.”

I interview for an internal recruiter position with Westchester Jewish Community Service in White Plains, NY. Later, a funny thought emerged. It’s hard to recruit candidates in this climate because Florida and Anti-Semitism are so hot right now.

I’m the only Jew I know who takes Adderall before attending synagogue because organized religion makes me feel so disorganized. Normally, I’d lose my place easily during the never-ending prayer service and peak at other congregation member’s prayer books to see what page we’re on like a direction challenged peeping tom.  Now, I just speed reed at my own pace on Adderall in Synagogue to feel like a more focused Billie Madison in Back to Hebrew School. Who’s more at one with pleasing God by making an effort to focus on his holy presence within his transcribed book to Moses more so than being in tune with the ebbs and flows of hyper organized Jews who can sing these, intended sung, sung prayers without the aid of congregational sing along assistance or use of Karaoke machines to drive greater engagement during Shul singles mixers for Neil Diamond appreciation night.

Nowadays, The Guitar Center should be right of center instead of left. Instead, all their guitar technicians and sales personal wear masks like Buckethead without the career gimmick excuse to hide from in the process. How does the Store Manager for The Guitar Store in Danbury, CT consider himself a rock and roll deviant of any kind by forcing his employees to wear masks at work? What’s his justification exactly? Joni Mitchell got my back, so I don’t have to strangle myself with her haggard hippie shawls from the Capital Records Building while screaming, “Free Falling Mom.” The wildflower crooner from Gainesville lives, Traveling Wilburys forevermore, 2 out of 5 left ain’t bad, Meatloaf shines on to, Challah, thank you very much.

Not everyone at The Guitar Center sucks. The guitar tech on staff laughed when I said, “Becoming in tune with what clear tonalities sound like throughout the neck of my guitar is still a work in motion like trying to get a grip on jerking off with my left for vigorous 15-minute stretches at time, which feels less natural than Neil Young singing about opening the Keystone Pipeline again during Farm Aid because he’s another cheap rocker who prefers cheap gas over demonizing fracking on Twitter, knowing all the Mountain Dew consumption down south will offset all those deplorable low birth rates in no time. At the same time, fuck Spotify and Lisa Simpson. Imagine Trump debating Lisa Simpson through Zoom on the Joe Rogan podcast before it gets killed off permanently. Trump says, “Fracking actually reduces our Co2 emissions Lisa. Lisa Simpson shrieks like Daryl Hannah after Neil Young bruises an avocado from throwing it at the TV after Fox News shows a protest sign from the vaccine mandate trucker protest in Ottawa that says, “COVID Damage Done”, before replying to The Donald in dejected disgust, “”So, Neil Young is full of shit now to?” Trump says, “Neil Young doesn’t take showers to reduce his carbon footprint, so that much you share in common babe.” But say hello to Greta Thunberg for me Lisa. Feel free to tell her I don’t sweat global warming because Al Gore’s film career has cooled considerably. Plus, this winter in Palm Beach is colder than Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch at the Four Seasons. Last, I don’t see your messiah Obama Be Good sweating rising water levels at his beachfront estate in Hawaii or in Martha’s Vineyard unless Jimmy Kimmel filled up his bong with extra Smart Water, which add extra bounce to your step, making you feel like Jennifer Aniston on the rebound, but hey, that’s what friends are for. Especially for Obama Be Good Joe, because if Obama is such baller, then why would he ride the bench at an all-Asian private school in Hawaii? In case you’re wondering Lisa, the debate is over like whether Obama run Netflix would ever do a remake of the Bush Dynasty to make Nazi war profiteering great again.   The librarian wife isn’t a fan of me Joe. At least, Hillary took a risk to get rich or die trying bitch. And who saw Ellen coming out as friend of W? Joe says, “Ellen is friends with W?” Trump says, “Joe, I know you smoke a ton of dope, but how do you blank on the image of Ellen palling around in the VIP seats with W at a Cowboys game? You live in Texas now for Christ’s sake. Let me make your standup comedy act a thing of beauty for a change. Ellen’s friends with W, she even admitted it on her show to prove what a non-divisive comedian she is because Ellen is pro Bush all the way.  But what do they do together for fun Joe? Invite Michelle Obama to play a game of Operation, Gender Reassignment edition, if W isn’t too busy inspiring his art apprentice Hunter Biden, the Queen calls him Sir Snort A Lot, with painting more water colors of maimed vets bleeding red and white and blue that he gave PTSD to, since Collin Powell shilled for the war machine, like Kareem Abdul Jabbar does for Big Pharma by pushing vaccine mandates on NBA players like his Pharma mutual fund at Prudential was riding on it. Joe interrupts, “But aren’t you being a fence sitting cunt Donald, by espousing individual choice while pushing booster shots on stage with Bill Oreilly, despite your Operation Warp speed approved vaccine working less than Donald Westbrook running the Triangle Offense? Plus, Dr. Malone, an infectious disease expert, claims kids don’t have to sweat COVID like a pool party invite to Tony Podesta’s house, which has enough pedo installation artwork on the walls to make Marilyn Manson blush. More importantly, if you follow the science or read independent research done by our own military doctors, it’s been proven how these COVID vaccines are responsible for causing enlarged hearts, higher fertility rates, even increased cancer rates, that’s causing young athletes in their prime to collapse and die of heart attacks on the field. If ESPN wasn’t just a safe space for Lebron James’s ego, they’d be reporting on these soccer players being dropped faster than Obama on Broadway after Bruce invites him on stage to Dancing In The Dark. Granted, American’s don’t watch soccer, and Fox News cares less about dead Europeans than OJ’s golf handicap, so how else would Americans know? Have you even contemplated condemning all the doctors pushing these dangerous clot shots on kids Donald, or in some cases, mandating them to attend school like they do in California, when the survival rate for COVID is 99.8 percent? Or are you afraid to be associated with vaccines you put a spit shine on ad nauseum because you prefer to have Dr. Gnocchi be associated with playing fake news God by forcing us to sacrifice our children’s lives to prove our undying love of tyrant Nazis doctors in bed with the FDA and the CCP, Sucking?” Alex Jones lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Deep State Dads

When you’ve lived in Arizona for 10 years and still haven’t visited the Grand Canyon.

You’re a fake news hippie.

Sorry Dad.

I don’t care if your Bob Dylan station on Pandora suggests otherwise.

I don’t care that you attended Woodstock.

You ordered the DJ at my wedding to stop playing the Star-Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix at a sculpture garden 10 minutes outside of Woodstock for Christ’s sake.

That’s like asking Joni Mitchell to hang herself with one of her hippie haggard shawls next time she gets triggered by the Joe Rogan Podcast.

When your granddaughter was 2 Dad, she stepped on her pink, Disney Ukelele guitar.

I said, “Matilda, never step on your guitar. And she says, “But Jimi played with his teeth.

So let it go Dad. You’re 2-year-old granddaughter is more into Jimi licks than you are.

But if you really want to learn whether your dad is a deep state dad sympathizer, AKA, Fake News Hippie, bring up the CIA’s role in the Kennedy assassination.

I say, “Dad, how you can pretend to be a hardcore hippie of any kind in possession of any form of credibility when you don’t think the CIA took out Kennedy for wanting to share UFO info with the Russians?”

Dad says, “Moron son, you think the CIA conspired to murder Kennedy because he wanted to share our UFO intel with the Russians? Are we talking about some secret acid stash used for Psych Ops missions that made you see more than UFOs, that even Dr. Timothy Leary didn’t have access to during the height of Haight Ashbury freaks outs back in the day? Since when is Kennedy sharing a stool sample from Gore Vidal after getting anally probed off the coast of Hyannis Port considered a national security risk of any kind?”

I add, “Dad, didn’t you see the movie Nixon with Anthony Hopkins or listen to any of Kennedy speech’s when he openly criticizes the unchecked power of the Deep State and war machine it powers? Or is doing for your country, doing Jack shit for your 1st Born’s ego enlargement therapy since you decided to deride me as an overrated softie, so you could draft higher quality 1st picks in the rec draft before I bloomed under my Fruit of the Looms throughout the 3rd Grade and beyond?”

Kennedy said, “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.”

I don’t think that stated sentiment gave the Pentagon elongated love or sustained stiffage against their dying of the light.

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

Suck my Executive Big dick Hoover. You want some lock jaw love Peeping Tom Pasty? You got it.

“In serving his vision of the truth, the artist best serves his nation.”

Robert Frost, I fucked him, I can’t take no more. Dice lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

“Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in periods of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

You know like those who write off non-stop clot shot deaths as accidental overdoses on fentanyl that’s killed more crackers in this country than Taylor Swift kicking it with Lena Dunham on Instagram?

“We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty.”

In other words, call out Islam for being a so called “religion of peace.” And Booger Face Behar on the View is the new Chief Happiness Officer for Breitbart. And the Catholic Church doesn’t play musical chairs with salvation granting pedophiles. And Woody Allen just got a book advance from Random House on hands off parenting. And Jeff Bezos gives a shit about reigning in white supremacist rage when he has no problem selling Mein Kampf on to your kid’s Kindle at a heavily discounted price on Amazon Prime Day, which clocks in as only 724 pages of hate speech in a row.

“When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”

Who knew, all Joe Biden needs is Kayne West rapping his soul to sleep?

“Fuck Snoop Dog’s spell. His new wine sucks. It tastes like mouth wash used in Porn Hood Hell.”

Kenndy also fired his CIA chief and made Bobby the CIA’s next level sketchy hall monitor after they mislead him about the Bay of Pigs Dad.

Remember, the CIA stated plan for regime change in Cuba without the need for US air support, which was another bullshit planted lie by the Deep State that boasted less legs than Lieutenant Dan.

And what did we learn from Mueller Report again Dad after his big reveal in front of on Congress? Oh yeah, Mr. Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job only parts his hair with good old fashioned elbow grease.

A communist Cuba was a greater threat to Meyer Lansky’s bottom line than Iran becoming the number sponsor of terror after the CIA forced regime change and put the Shah in charge during the Iranian revolution, that gave us the rise of Kylie Jenner, the wealthiest member of the Kardashian clan among the porcupine puss food chain. Our society is fucked anyway because when I told my daughter this morning that Kylie Jenner liked one of my jokes on Twitter before I got banned from the site for insisting the Chinese have resisted Wuhan lab leaks more than Aquafresh. She acted as if, “I just told her about my 4-way with Raquel Welch, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe on a slow Thursday.”

Kennedy said, “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.” After they wanted to start a nuclear war with Russia without Russia bombing the Russian Tea room 1st Dad. Yeah, I don’t see any CIA brass being invited to Frank’s late-night fuck pad at the Sands hotel, knowing JFK could use those compromising shots of underage muff on their lap against them for a change. Lolita Island lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

The Military Industrial Complex wanted to escalate the war in Vietnam and expand their defense budget, which JFK was against. But the CIA had no vested interest in taking out cash cow cock blowing Kennedy one iota Dad.

J Edgar Hoover hated Kennedy because he would’ve dismantled the FBI eventually. Because he didn’t see the value in spying on Dr. King orgies, just so Edgar didn’t have to rely on stag magazines or his raw imagination to get off in a bathroom donut shop instead.

Kennedy spoke out against government secrecy and how scrutiny leads to understanding, which is why tolerant, forward thinking, Liberals of yesteryear concerned about our common welfare, don’t exist in media anymore, because not even Mark Twain winner John Stewart dared to deliver any barbed wit in Obama Be Good’s honor when inquiring on his show about why he nuke gifted Iran 150 billion in unmarked bills on his way out the door for the creation overseas manufacturing jobs for Build a Bear to make the Iranian economy less dependent on the sale of hair removal cream for the Kardashians.

Kennedy wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve because it was controlled by the Rothchilds. And Kennedy knew how much backlash the Jewish community would receive if it was revealed how those blood sucking Hebrews own all the safe numbers to Fort Knox and all keys to safety deposit boxes in the North Pole to.

When JFK fired the CIA director, he muttered “traitor.” The Bay of Pigs Invasion was worse than me lying about keeping Marilyn warm for Bobby.” And it just so happens that the CIA’s director brother was the mayor of Dallas, who knew about the last-minute change in the parade route to make the assassination easier to pull off than stealing an election through using COVID as an excuse for mail-in-voting knowing how Mr. Groper’s campaign rallies would barely fill out Ariel’s clam shell bra.

Deep State Dad says, “What is this, Deplorable Daddy Day? Now, I bet you’re going to tell me that 9/11 was an inside job or that Ellen DeGeneres is a CIA agent like Jackie O.”

And I say, “Ellen did come out on her show to claim she was besties with W after being caught palling around with him at a Cowboys game because she’s pro Bush all the way.”

Resist this Prescott Bush, you Nazi war profiteering piece of shit. At least Jospeh Kennedy didn’t birth Deep state-controlled losers from start to finish. Plus, the Nazi symbol is dumb, it looks like 2 sticks figures doing a 69 on a Seesaw.

Never forget, Kennedy was the top White Hat Gangsta, who topped them all. And Deep State siding dads are fake news hippies who blow off their grandchildren for MSNBC and Uni Brow Maddow. And this is Chris Matthews sexually harassing a new intern for MSNBC. “Eating out Maddow, counts as your lunch break babe.”

And this is JFK and Dr. King going to a gangbang at Frank Sintra’s House in Palm Springs.

Frank says, “Too toothy, nice and easy baby.”

JFK says, “If I had it my way, I would’ve called 1st dibs on Marilyn before Dr. King gave her a dreamboat lay. I’m lucky to feel a stiff wind in her sail ripped snatch now. ”

Resist this, Deep State siding Dads, Challah.

JFK lives. Brightest star in the universe, shines again, Challah.

Thank you, Mr. President, very, very much.

Michael Kornbluth