Chapter 10 Burning Mask Party

The Killerset 

Masks Are The New Condoms

Not Wear The Mask Iron Lungs

The Italian Reptilian Inside

Our Post Plagued Universe

It’s A Failed Photo-Op In Chinatown

The Worst Beard Mayor Of All Time

No 9/11 Light Memorial For You

Pro Near Abortion Tales



Pro Near Abortion Tales

What’s so crazy about Kayne giving thanks and praises for never urging Kim to abort their 1st child together, which brought him closer to God than ever before? Was it ultimately Kim’s decision? Yes, but for the wife of his 4 kids to punish Kayne for hardcore emotional realism all of a sudden, by murmuring to friends and family about having him locked up now for merely retelling the near tragic tale of almost pushing Kim to prematurely knock off the eventual light of his life with morning after pills, amassing dust on Joy Behar’s dresser since 86 is real cold hearted gangasta shit.

Kim Kardashian is no better than Twitter or Faceboook or the outrage mob in general online or off for trying to censor her husband’s speech, by threatening to lock him up in a loony bin for telling a pro near abortion tale turned out good. He’s already under lock down in his Wyoming home with his 4 kids like another married slut in a straight jacket. So if Kim really cares about social justice, then give Kayne some breathing room bitch.

Michael Kornbluth