Lebron James Sticking to Politics

I’m convinced Lebron James got the idea to sport a fake news cast during the NBA playoffs from Michelle Obama. After she threatened, to break her arm in Obama’s ass, next time he dared to offer Beyoncé a glass of Paul Newman’s Lemonade over a batch of her homemade Kombucha.

I loved the NBA when it didn’t exist as a safe space for Lebron James ego.  Refs are scared of calling traveling on Lebron James because they don’t want to be accused of oppressive, racial profiling during game 7 in the NBA finals against the Boston Celtics. Ref Duffy says. Relax king of the persecution complex. I just called traveling on you. Stop acting like a threw you up against a wall for being out past lights on Newbury Street.

If Lebron James loses to the Clippers this year. Will Obama console himself by digging into his secret stash of Almond Joys in the garage behind a box of duct tape from Costco? Joan lives.

If Obama is such a baller at basketball, then why did he ride the bench at an all Asian private school in Hawaii?

Lebron admits to liking Enemim now because he’s a never Trumper rapper resistor. Trump’s a Nazi bro. Actually, when Trump bought Mara A Lago, he immediately, lifted the permanent ban on Jewish membership Slim on Facts Shady.

This is Eminem and Dre discussing the merger between Microsoft and LinkedIn. Dre says. Hey, slim Microsoft paid 4.7 billion dollars for LinkedIn. Worrrrrrrrrrrrrd. LinkedIn is lamer than ever yoh.

But Lebron is boys with Snoop Dog also, which makes him a class act through association, knowing Snoop’s dog hovers a notch above porn hood hell.

His boy Jay Z say he didn’t stand for the national anthem because he was protesting Demi Lovato brutalizing the national anthem, sounding too much like a white privileged Alabama Shakes in the process.  Meanwhile, the Queen of England is at home in Buckingham palace watching Beyoncé sitting her ass out for the National Anthem also, thinking, “I thought Meghan Markle was a royal pain in the ass.” For trying to hock Princess Diana’s ballerina slippers on eBay after Michelle Obama stretched them out beyond repair.

Lebron doesn’t want NBA owners who pay his salary, to be called owners because he isn’t a player owner like Michael Jordan yet. Nor is he talented enough like Magic to make HIV disappear.

A new rumor is Lebron James might run for President of the Unites States. What’s going to be King James’s campaign slogan? Free college for student athletes. Wait a minute that already exists.  That’s right, King James will offer free college for all dreamers if they let him patent Taco Tuesday already.

Lebron’s already stood for the Chinese national anthem and instructed his Laker team to sit out the anthem.  That’s right, he’s protesting police brutality compared to mowing down monks in tanks and criminal justice reform his boy Jigga played zero role in erecting, despite his past cracking selling years, responsible for sending hundreds if not thousands of young black babies into premature hell.

Lebron’ wants to become President of The United States so bad, just so he could tell Laura Ingraham to stick to being a less ghoulish Ann Coulter.

Michael Kornbluth