Funny Jew Bone Forever

When I was a stay at home shemale comedian.

It was hard to feel like my own man.

Especially when my wife’s Smart Phone alerted her after I made another questionable purchase.

Wife calls from work the following day.

Hey, babe, so how was Bride Of Chucky?

Which reminds me of the time I pushed my son off the swing because I pushed him too hard.

I say. 

What do you after getting knocked off the horse?

Son says.

Call Child Services.

Still, it was extra infuriating for my wife to suggest that I’d show any of our 3 kids the new WuTang series on Hulu.

Of course her defense was.

But you showed Matilda Bride Of Chucky.

I say.

Yeah, 2 minutes of it. Before I realized how violent it was. I just remember Chucky delivering one killer line after the next. 

Besides, I already played Wu Tang 36 Chambers on vinyl after Matilda’s Kung Fu belt ceremony, which already freaked her the f out. Her white belt turned a new shade of white. Simmilar to Child’s Play, Old Dirty Bastard was less clownish than I recall.  All Matilda heard was 5 percent nation on the swarm. Ghost Face Killah made her feel ultra vanilla. So no, I don’t plan on showing Matilda the Wu Tang Saga on Hulu. Especially when every 5 percent rapper today claims to be a black Hebrew. Whatever you say Inspectah Deck. I’m positive King Solomon shows up on your, Shaka Zulu.

Funny Jew Bone Forever, Challah.

Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth