The Brainwashing Projectors

How does Fox or Breitbart have a monopoly on so called brainwashing? For almost 4 years, Google, Twitter, ABC, NBC, CNN, ESPN, Facekbook, holier than now NPR included, has done nothing but perpetuate blatant lies like the Russian collusion tale with less legs than Lieutenant Dan, the sham impeachment trial, for the President questioning why Hunter was getting paid 50 grand week to push Borscht as the new Kombucha or blame President Trump not China for making a commie made virus to kill our recording breaking economy in one swoop. All lies, to wrestle back power in order to avoid prosecution and hide the real crimes of a failed coup to remove still your President Trump and real life election interference by illegally spying on the Trump campaign when he was running against Hillary Hamme Time Cankles in addition to bankrupting and shitting all over General Flynn’s name, a former Democrat by the way, because Obama didn’t like the fact how he disapproved of the fake news hopeful one gifting Iran, the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world, 150 billion to make their economy less reliant on the sale of hair removal products for the Kardashians, which has zero to do with Drago popping up in election booths 4 years ago, declaring vote Trump or I’ll break you.

Michael Kornbluth

Google Can’t Handle The Truth

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says, “Google faces intense competition all time.” But Yahoo isn’t the new gunslinger in town anymore and Bing can’t match Google’s bling. Fuck, even Ask Jeeves failed to get much search love during the remains of its day.

But seriously America, if Google doesn’t futz with search results because they were caught on a red mike stating, they’d do everything in their power to make sure Hillary Hammer Time Cankles part 2 never happened. Then why is harder to find positive mentions of still your President Trump on Google, than it is to find a film blogger on Rotten Tomatoes who called the Irishman, “Underrated?”

Being a journeyman IT agency recruiter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sounds like the typical H1-B candidate I’d hang up on 2 seconds into the call after they’d call me about a Java Developer ad on After my second child was born and had to resume my IT headhunting career for Robert Half after scoring my TV writing break with Vh1 and Vh1 Classic prior that year, my father in law, whose a successful SAP consultant refers me a candidate who was an H1-B, so you know he cares about hooking up his son in law because this candidate required subtitles in order to be understood. I would’ve had an easier time penning a Bollywood musical than a making a placement fee on fake news Silicon Alley millionaire.

Michael Kornbluth


Brainwashed Shaming Losing Its Oomph

Facebook took down a live stream of front line Doctors telling Americans no kids are dying of Covid, not one teacher has caught Covid from their students and hydroxchloroquine has actually cured fat fucks with Covid, who already have diabetes or capable of being Meghan McCain’s spirit eating animal. Last, the Houston doctor Stella Immanuel whose cured 300 plus patients with Covid through hydroxchloroquine insists, “Face Masks aren’t even necessary to stop the transmission of the virus”, regardless if Andy Dick coughed into your Wheatgrass smoothie at Jamba Juice or not. And curing Covid patients with hydroxchloroquine has nothing do with Fuck Face Fauci’s expertise or myth debunking proclamations like denying the Chinese have resisted investigations into the source of the Corona China Virus more than Aquafresh.

But Zit Face Zuck and Twitter Twat Dorsey removed the viral video because it was sharing false information because the big bad blond wolf shared it with his 82 million branded racist followers, who aren’t the actual the ones doing everything in their power to discredit a black female doctor, who originally hails from Nigeria. Instead, all the media fetch dogs at CNN and within the halls of congress with Denture Breath Pelosi, are doing their darndest to keep our economy on life support as our cities burn to the ground all in the name of righting systematic racism, which makes total sense after America elected the fake news hopeful one twice, while guaranteed money still exists for China siding NBA players at large, which is a tad ignorant, don’t you think Pop? I got 2 words for you Eddie Curry, case closed.

So the brainwashed shaming stab loses its oomph, especially when CNN is insisting all of these front line doctors, including a pediatrician from fucking Santa Monica of all places, were all wearing fake news lab coats in front of the White House and giving opinions all contrary to some no name study, most likely endorsed by the WHO, who most Gen X parents like myself could give 2 BB Eight Shits about it. So go woke yourself, because this Trump Train is bound for glory.

Michael Kornbluth

Disney Bought Fox Because

The Corona China Virus has cost Walt Disney 1.4 billion. But they bought Fox so they’d be discouraged to do hard hitting investigative pieces on Jefferey Epstein’s ties to Rape Wood and his underage sex slaves giving pedicures to Matt Groening’s gnarly looking toenails on Lolita Express, without a face mask on, to ensure his sex slave manicurists would be forced to look extra animated about it.

Michael Kornbluth

NPR Isn’t Biased

NPR isn’t biased. They interviewed a cop last week to ask him questions on whether Blue Balls Matters since the eradication of bail, eliminates any sustained stiffage over the prospect of cops being able to keep the bad guys off the streets by the time De Blasio wraps up his 10 pound curl regiment at the Park Slope Y.

Michael Kornbluth