The Oliver Twat Twist

Jon Stewart minus charisma, a handsome mug or any parcel of distinguished grey, otherwise known as bean breath Oliver on Last Week Tonight, insists the 2 month old riots in Portland have been”mostly peaceful”, where law officers are being blinded by lasers and ducking Molotov Cocktails while protecting the People’s Court of Portland from turning into Burning Man meets ANTIFA on Crystal Meth. Doesn’t Oliver Twat, realize America as a whole, will never respect his moral authority or comedic commentary again one bit, outside of LA, Manhattan and Westchester County, for insisting on demonizing Trump over the cackling witch of the east and her Lolita express riding hubby, because America as a whole doesn’t embrace cold-hearted, unhuggable cunts, unless they rock cute sweaters and tell edgless jokes on day time TV for a living. But Ellen is an evolved, non-divisive comedian, who befriended W, because she’s pro bush, all the way, despite him being responsible for pressuring Collin Powell to sell any shell of integrity he once possessed in the search of fake news weapons of mass destruction, remember? But what does Ellen do with her friend W exactly? Invite Michelle Obama to her house whenever W is in town to play games like Operation Pre-Op Edition. Then what, W paints a nude of an angry black woman hacking off Porta De Rossi’s white privileged clit, so Michelle can feel proud of her country again?

Michael Kornbluth