Dreams of Monument Sharing With Abe

Obama on Mount Rushmore proves what? Kenyan lives matter most. Iran still laughed it’s way to the bank regardless. In post woke times, only fake news talent rises to the top.

Teddy Roosevelt founded the Rough Riders yet I don’t hear anyone bitching from the Teddy Roosevelt estate about DMX being guilty of cultural appropriation and thuggin up the Rough Rider brand for all it was worth.

Teddy Roosevelt gave us our national park system. Obama gave us Trevor Noah. For 8 years, you never heard anyone profess out loud with passionate, sincere feeling, I love Obama. Comedy Central executives felt the same way, when they resigned Trevor Noah for the foreseeable future.

Why should Obama Be Good, be on Mount Rushmore again? For rebranding ISIS, ISIL? So, ISIS would sound more start up friendly in the NY Times? That’s an Obama Accomplishment for you, superior to Abe making the The Emancipation Proclamation and bed sharing with Frederick Douglass in the Lincoln Bedroom to celebrate, while Mary Todd slept off her white privilege on her Louis the 14th reading couch for a change.

Michael Kornbluth