Why Jay Z Sat Out The National Anthem

Jay Z only urges his fans to get up and waive, sucking off his song’s honor.

He’s still depressed over Collin Kaepernick blowing off the NFL workout he negotiated on his behalf, so he could reveal his true fake news rehabilitation colors.

Black power is sitting on your ass with the flyest girl in the game, wearing your chain, pre fake news 13 years ago.

He wanted all the social media attention refocused on how it was his idea to put J’ Lo’s Puerto Rican privileged baby in a play fake cage.

Beyoncé sat in protest also because Demi Lovato looked and sounded too much like the white privileged version of Alabama Shakes.

To prove nobody puts Jigga in a corner.

A commercial about a cop who went to jail for shooting an innocent victim failed to give his spine an injection of any sustained stiffage in order to stand for the national anthem.

Obama told him, the lowest black unemployment numbers as a result of Trump’s reversing his failed economic policies wasn’t enough to make Michelle Obama proud of her country again.

Jay Z sat pissed because back in the VIP room, Jeff Ross busted his balls, saying, “Hey Jay, don’t you think child separation could be a good thing? I mean look how you turned out. Plus, if Coco never got separated from his parents, he never would’ve become a mini Los Lobos in the making.

Jay Z sat out the National Anthem because he’s still depressed, knowing opening up for Hillary Hammer Time Cankles rallies, failed to sell America on why Baby Boomer mom alcoholic knows best.

It was BeyoncĂ© ‘s idea to sit out the National Anthem, prompting the Queen of England to shout at the Teli. “I thought Meghan Markle was a royal pain in the ass. Forsaking her royal duties because I wouldn’t support her making money off the royal name, hocking size 13 ballerina slippers worn by Princess Diana, only to be stretched beyond recognition by Michelle Obama on Ebay.” Joan lives

Michael Kornbluth