Chinese Democracy Knows Best Trump

Roger Waters thinks Trump is a mass murder. Yeah, you’re confusing him for the failed artist speed freak, self-hating fruitcake, fake news dictator Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff would’ve outed his non circumcised brother to the Nazi’s for a line of chalky meth, mixed with Arm and Hammer baking soda.

Trump is a mass murder Roger Waters? Yeah, once again, make Nazi Germany great again, wasn’t his campaign slogan dude. You made a career about singing about your overbearing mommy and dad who died fighting real life Nazi’s. Trump got some starter money from his dad and turned into 3 billion becoming the master troll of the universe.

You’ve got 500 million large and your own gulf stream to take selfies with Linda Sarsour, so let’s gets all it a wash mate, before you get suicidal and dare to make the final cut.

Oh yeah, Roger Water from Pink Floyd also said Trump supporters have turned America into hell. Again, stop confusing Trump supporters to terrorist-controlled Palestine, who use kids as human shields next time they launch 700 rockets into Israel’s backyard, expecting nothing less but an edible gift basket in return, with a thank you note written in Farsi.

Trump supporters have turned America into hell. But Trump supporters don’t support sanctuary cities, encouraged lawlessness, banning bail and ICE because homeland security was so weapons of mass destruction years.

Trump supporters have turned America into hell. Yeah, for your girlfriend Linda Sarsour who endorses treacherous, Americans like Chelsea Manning’s run for senate because she endorses Sharia Law and is pro-genital mutilation.

Trump supporters have turned America into hell. I thought it was actually news media fault for pushing fake news narratives like ANTIFA are just misunderstood, Punisher vigilante wannbes under their social justice warrior hoodies.

Trump supporters have turned America into hell. Again, wasn’t the news media who pushed a Russian golden shower tale with less legs than Lieutenant Dan between Trump and a couple of Russian hookers, knowing he’s a notorious germaphobe. Plus, if the Don wanted a couple of hookers to pee on each other, he could hire a couple of Ivanka look alike in his hotel in DC anytime he likes.

Axel Rose posted a picture of a hat on his Twitter feed that says, Make the White House Great Again. Too bad Axel Rose no longer has no name music writer at Circus magazine to taunt because Kurt Cobain killed off Circus Magazine from a drab, dronish video with cheerleaders cheering the death of another Spaghetti Incident.

Neil Young declares Trump a disgrace to his country, because he had to generate the most social media buzz out of becoming a citizen yesterday. A disgrace to our country Neil is still sucking off the fake news, good hued legacy of Obama knowing he let more Chinese made fentanyl get smuggled across our southern border, to kill more crackers than Lena Dunham kicking with Taylor Swift on Instagram. Oh yeah, that’s right, Trump inherited Obama’s 2.9 GDP fueled economy. Neil, I used to love you all winter long, your banshee rocker wail and grungy, operatic, blistering, guitar solos, are the stuff of legend, yet giving Obama credit for stock market highs is like giving Nino Brown credit for getting Pookie in New Jack City, off crack and welfare. Still, I’m glad that you found love with Daryl Hannah and dumped your wife and mother of your children of 35 years, who inspired Harvest Moon because you’re in the middle of a hardcore never banged a mermaid crisis.

Michael Kornbluth