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Triggering Fake Feminists

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Fake News Chosen People

Fake News Chosen People

Did you hear? Jews are the fake news chosen people, according to Nick Cannon. Apparently, he’s the one chosen to make God known to the universe because he’s got a louder platform on social media than Mordecai Bluestein, a bi-racial Rabbi Reconstructionist descendant of Master P, in case you don’t follow the fake news Hebrew on Twitter. Whose an amateur Crunk rapper enthusiast, who goes out of his way to earn prop protections from BLM, coining shout-out phrases such as “Bail Is Bullshit” , “Rothschild’s Rule Everything Around Me” and “Jew York Littered Subways is One Step Closer to Hell.”

Black people are the true Hebrews Nick Cannon? So, God lied to Moses and really wanted to transmit his commandments to Professor Griff’s descendants stemming from the affair King Solomon had with the Queen of Sheeba because Solomon was down with OPP, hacked off clit or not.

Or was it Nick Cannon’s divine mission to make Mariah Carey less beastly in fur on the red carpet before Joan Rivers insinuated to TMZ how Michelle Obama flopping around in slacks commando style on Ellen, was no cover up?

Don’t get it twisted. Black Hebrews can’t be anti-Jew because they’re the real chosen people. Stop acting like Nick Cannon is another self-hating Jew appointed to head the post woke editorial board of the NY Times.

Michael Kornbluth