Friday Night Hits

Int. Bakery
Stay At Home Comedian
How many Challahs do you sell every Friday?
3 to 5
Stay At Home Comedian
So next time my daughter asks how many Jews live in Somers.
I can say by Challah sales estimates. Because no fake news Jews are fronting.

Rachel Maddow downplaying Alec Baldwin getting arrested for punching a guy over a parking spot in in NYC. You’ve seen the Seinfeld episode. New Yorkers wait for parking spots longer than will have to wait to get a seat on the Supreme Court.

Tina Fey downplaying #AlecBaldwin getting arrested for punching a guy over a parking spot.

Alec is making toxic masculinity great again. Plus, I can’t tell him how to act in real life. Do I look like Kim Basinger to you?

It’s #LoveYourLawyerDay because divorce rates are through the roof because countless men refuse to have their opinions neutered at home in the pursuit of making their sex lives above average great again.

Hulk being welcome back to WWE with opens arms. Peter Thiel bending over backwards to compliment President Trump again. Baldwin freaking over a spot because he’s too cheap to use a garage. Johnny Depp looking worse than Hunter on his worst day, USA, USA.

Do they have any idea how good they have it? You’re protesting what again? A private arbitration case, which was already settled. From a guy who invented the Android. Who created you jobs in the 1st place. Got it. Happy doodling.

Dave Chappelle & Jon Stewart are doing a comedy tour together. That’s adorable. Stewart opens. I do benefits for NY Cops. They love Trump, not so much Obama. Comedy Central felt the same when they resigned Trevor Noah for the foreseeable future.

A Joke Defense For Oprah.
Reporter for Breitbart asks Oprah. Was Seal lying about you knowing about Harvey? Oprah replies. No, fake news. But I did convince Harvey’s wife to leave him. To focus on her lifetime battle with Amnesia.

Never read articles from CNN ever. But this is too much. Trump took advantage of his role as commander chief. For ordering more troops to the border. Just like giving the PLO a gift package on your way out the door.

Maxine Waters downplaying Alec Baldwin hitting a guy over a parking spot in NYC.

It’s New York City, not Hollywood dear. Chances are, he was blasting Kayne too loud for Alec’s taste.

Downplaying Alec Baldwin getting arrested for punching someone over a parking spot in NYC.

In handcuffs, Baldwin boasts. Trump wishes he had wrists this thick.

Don Lemon downplaying Alec Baldwin getting arrested.
Fighting over a parking spot on the lower east side. Isn’t the white nationalist might driving election concerns this midterm season.


Michael Kornbluth