Positively Moron

Being under house arrest post COVID isn’t a radical departure for a Stay-At-Home Dad like myself. I’m used to limited freedoms in life, especially when my wife’s smartphone sends her an alert after I make another questionable purchase. Wife calls, “Hey babe, so how was Bride of Chucky?” I was already used to being treated like a sheltered bum from grandparents who are never around to help out with the kids anyway for 8 years before COVID. I still can’t get enough of social distancing personally. Because if the grandparents do visit, they fade faster than Hunter Biden after a three-day bender with the Sons of Anarchy cast and crew, despite only hearing last call from the bathroom stall. Unfortunately, Facebook has made Baby Boomers the laziest grandparent generation of all time, so they can act like their slacker offspring for a change. Lifting a finger for Grandpa is liking a new hiking pic on Instagram, despite living in Arizona for 10 years and not once visiting the Grand Canyon. And I thought Neil Young was a fake news hippie, who’s dating Darryl Hannah now because he’s going through a post midlife never banged a Mermaid crisis. You live in Arizona for 10 years and don’t visit the Grand Canyon once, you’re a fake news hippie, that’s no better than Neil Young who thinks Joe Rogan is the evil siding, misinformation machine, not CNN, and Fuck Face Fauci, who are more than ok with forcing clot shots on our kids who are breaking suicide records left and right due to inflated death count talk, increased drug dependence and prolonged social isolation for kids who never got to be cool like the kid who fought back with the brass knuckles in 3 O’ Clock High. Instead, our kids have been forced to hide in perpetual fear in a mask, which has drowned out their collective age of innocence, one Karen deafening freakout at a time. Wear the damn mask. Suck the misinformation out of my chosen schlong 1st Karen. Pretend Obama ordered you to leak it. Remind me to get you a Trump Voiced GPS system for your birthday that says, “On your far left is Mohegan Sun, Elizabeth’s Warren’s home away from home.”

Neil Young told Spotify to censor Joe Rogan or get his music off their platform because of spreading dangerous misinformation about the COVID vaccine. Pointing out record high suicides among kids used as pawns to peddle an evil enshrouded, blatantly dishonest narrative about a rebranded flu with a 99 percent survival rate to distract the world long enough from a stolen election is a scary guilt trip to handle on extra strength boomers Young, I agree. Hundreds of quoted peer-to-peer studies proving how natural immunity is 40 times superior to your bullshit booster shots, which at best provided you the fleeting feeling of smug superiority till you catch COVID. Feeling duped by Big Pharma, when you’re a singer songwriter expert on needles and damage done, would enact plenty of damage to my big government siding, trusting psyche to Young, fake news hippie.

What other debunked damaging falsehoods were pushed during Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Malone Young? Unvaccinated Palestinians have resumed digging UN sponsored death tunnels to kidnap Jewish kids in Israel because they’re not experiencing any debilitating side effects from the clot shot like hypertension, narcolepsy or temporary rock throwing arm paralysis. And enough with downplaying Dr. Malone’s infectious disease credentials. He helped develop the platform used for MRNA based vaccination technologies and knows Dr. Gnocchi personally. Shit, Dr. Malone fluffed the monkey with the rotating banana driller that they created Aids for Christ’s sake. Ooh, Dr. Malone questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine that works less than Kareem Adul Jabbar as a parenting thought leader on the Good Men Project after his twenty-year-old son was caught stabbing his neighbor to near death over a trash dispute outside his driveway. Apparently, the neighbor triggered Jabbar’s son when he said, “How do BLM leaders that helped cause 2 billion dollars’ worth of property damage in honor of Thugs Lives Matter Most, who can’t afford 2nd homes in Topanga Canyon honor their moms on Mother’s Day? Take out the trash and move out of the house for good? I know, looting the Gucci store ain’t a thing, but a payback reparations thing, got it America’s Most Hunted.”

What else did Dr. Malone say to Joe Rogan that’s a ticking time bomb waiting to go off? Oh yeah, millions were hypnotized into believing the vaccine worked better than Russell Westbrook bringing back the Triangle Offense to the Showtime Lakers, despite the ESPN propaganda machine that makes the CCP blush in their coordinated effort to ensure the NBA remains a safe space for Lebron James ego. When Lebron’s chosen team loses in the playoffs this year, do you think Obama will console himself by grabbing his secret stash of Almond Joy’s hid behind a giant box of duct tape from Costco. Joan lives, Challah, thank you very much.

Why is every harmful reported side effect from the COVID vaccination shots, including hundreds of pro athletes dropping dead in their prime instantly derided as misinformation? Are reporters for MSNBC and CNN bribed with bitcoin, Hamilton tickets, or just tipped off to Hunter’s primo coke connection in LA that turns you into the Pablo Picasso of blow painting on accelerated speed? You can’t even sue big pharma for lethal side effects? Yet were supposed to trust Pfizer over Johhny Depp in blow? What has Pfizer done to earn the public’s trust? Or were millions shamed into getting the vaccination because their parents wouldn’t pay for a trip to Disney World on their dime without making you succumb to all the fear mongering, moral grandstanding bullshit because baby boomer arrogance never dies?

Superintendent of my kid’s school sends an email to address the recent court ruling that ruled mask mandates unconstitutional. Mr. Blue Balls incarnate says, “But the Attorney General of NY appealed the Nassau County’s Supreme Court’s ruling. Because who cares about what some Long Island hack judge rules in yenta breath county anyway? So based on the Attorney General’s appeal and our Commissioner of Education insisting we drag out this never-ending shit show some more where all the former smart kids at Bronx Science freak out about Study Hall being a super spreader event, the use of masks inside school buildings remains mandatory and is not optional at this time.” In other words, fuck your easily avoidable trauma. Were Karen’s with real life power motherfuckers and we like it, like it. And for all those parents who oppose our mask mandates, your domesticated terrorists who should be thrown in containment camps for not pushing clot shots on your kids because emergency use authorization trumps all and baby boomers still in power with their cushy tenured positions in academia and guaranteed pensions on the horizon want to perpetuate the deceptive delusion behind them really caring about our kid’s mental health over their own faltering state of smug filled superiority till their last dying breath, you lesser deplorable pieces of shit.”

I email the Superintendent back, ” Why do I sense more sneering annoyance than exalted relief from this court ruling in favor of smile rich tomorrows post burning mask party asshole? You’re fake news, loving hippie like rest. If you think the FDA denying anti-viral drugs like Hydroxychloroquine that’s resulted in 500,000 deaths because Trumpy Poo endorsed the product gives you the moral high ground, then you’re a fake news loving hippie through and through CCP sell out man.”

You know rock and roll is dead when the best protest song our country can come up with, F Mr. Groper, remixed by Kid Rock no less.

I love Bob Dylan’s scathing writing especially in song Positively 4th Street . Still, Blowing In The Wind is arguably his most childish sounding song from his miraculous song book. How many years can some people exist? Before they’re allowed to be free. That depends if you can get a good paying job in Florida or not. In Desantis we trust, Florida, gotta to love it, Challah, thank you very much.

Why is the left so scared of Tucker Carlson’s Vineyard Vines boxer briefs? He named his book of political essays Ship of Fools, which is a Grateful Dead song from Mars Hotel. The new spokesperson for Vineyard Vines, dress for new success, doesn’t have one pot head bud left from Boarding School since he took the job at Fox News.

The state motto for Vermont should be changed from the Green State to CBD Oil Only. Positively moron is any pothead celeb like Eric Andre for endorsing Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders couldn’t even make Vermont great for Pot Heads on vacation.

6 million hits later, I learn that 4/20 , the national pot smoking holiday, is Hitler’s Birthday. The last time I felt this betrayed was when Sly Stallone snuck Mel Gibson into Expendables 3.

I stopped smoking weed till I discovered edibles, stink free +plus ash free equals zero regrets when my kids are still up. I recommend Edible Nibbles to prevent you from being positively moron around your kids, especially when your daughter asks, “Daddy, if God created the universe, then who created God? “God went back in time, in a Time Machine made by Elon Musk.” Daughter says, “That’s really convincing Daddy. Thanks for making me an atheist at 4.”

This is Ziggy Marely being interviewed by High Times Magazine. Journalist asks, “How did your dad have 7 kids Ziggy? Doesn’t ganja drain your life blaster dry like the COVID 19 vaccine?” Ziggy Marley replies, “Fake News, Man.”

I miss Trump’s relentless optimism and over the top salesmanship. If F Face Fauci ordered one of his goons from the CDC to prick Trump with the dirty needle used by the Deep State to take out Easy E, Trump would tweet the next morning on whatever hate speech platform he’s allowed to make nicknames on next like Nancy Denture Breath Pelosi, and Hillary Hammer Time Cankles, “Do I have HIV yes, but my t-cell count numbers have never been stronger. Plus, Rosanne was correct, Valerie Jarret does have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I prefer to call her Obama’s live in Arabian Horse Whisperer but that’s just me.”

If Biden got more votes than Trump despite Mr. Groper’s miniscule rallies barely filing out the Little Mermaid’s clam shell bras. Then, Michelle Obama regretted pissing on the Lincoln bedroom ceiling fan before Trump’s inauguration, so he’d eventually get peed on for real. Hours later Trump takes a piss in the Lincoln Bedroom to mark his territory, gets a golden shower gift from Michelle above and says to Melania, “Is this what Michelle meant when she-hulk said, “When they go low, we aim high?”

And if Obama is such a good basketball player. Then why did he ride the bench at an all-Asian private school in Hawaii? Growing up my dad called me a waste of height because the highlight of my senior year was scoring a whole ten points against an all-Japanese team that attended a private school within the snuggle soft confines of Westchester County. They thought the pick and roll meant their choice of fish. Every time I drove to hoop, their players scurried away like frazzled movie extras in a Godzilla film, except instead of saying, “Look Godzilla.” They’d say, “Look Hugh Grant on Stilts.”

Forget the total abandonment of admission standards among the elite public schools in New York City like Bronx Science. Because guaranteed money in the NBA regardless of never having to establish a reliable move to the left is so oppressive. Now, you can’t steal the basketball in a scrimmage during gym. Just for that I’m going to get my wife pregnant by mistake again and name our kid John Stockton Kornbluth after the all-time steal leader of the NBA. But my kid’s superintendent is ok with stealing my kid’s age of innocence by injecting fake new death concerns for 2 years, turning every day into an Ingmar Bergman retrospective on IFC while forcing my kids to wear masks like Michael Jackson’s kids on holiday in Bahrain. Sounds like fair trade off to me. And we wonder why the US is China’s ball gagged bitch for life. China helps the Democrats steal an election through releasing the bat shit crazy virus, to push for mail-in-voting while ANTIFA and BLM get to cause 2 billion dollars’ worth of property damage, making every day for the cops standing down day, unless they have to get off their ass to ask cripples in wheelchairs for VAX cards at Bubba Gump Shrimp but no hands up on defense. State sponsored Chinese hackers can steal information from our Patriot missile systems, no problem kids, play along, democracy is dead since the Supreme Court abandoned its constitutional duty to enforce election laws since Amy Barrett got nominated whose Mia Farrow with better husband selection. Obama Be Good publishing a classified report on Medium about Israel’s Nuclear program in addition to posting photographs of Israel’s hidden nuclear sites on Al Jazeera Earth is kosher in the Muslim Brotherhood’s book, who rule our county anyway since the mongoloid moron mask shaming craze has made every day, Sharia Law Appreciation Day, got it kids. Now hands down on defense and stick to starring down at the floor on defense like a battered Muslim housewife shopping for pipe cleaners to clean out their husband’s hash pipes Infidel.

You’re thinking, stop being such a paranoid Jew. Obama only gave Iran 1.5 billion in unmarked bills in the still of the night as a parting gift for promising to take a time out from building Nukes used primarily for overseas manufacturing jobs for Build A Bear, to make the Iranian economy less reliant on the sale of Hair Wax removal cream for the Kardashian’s.

Side note, Bruce Jenner wasn’t asexual when he was married to Kris Jenner. But I bet Bruce stayed harder longer after he talked Kris Jenner into cutting her hair short, so she’d look more like a dolled-up Ralph Macchio.

And stop saying Queens is hot, it’s not. Queens compared to Manhattan and Brooklyn is the sloppy third Kardashian sister. You know the one that’s easy to pound at 3 in the morning like a Lamb Gyro in Astoria.

I wanted to name my son Arthur Brooks Kornbluth, but I didn’t want to honor Mel Brooks or Albert Brooks anymore since they insist on sucking off Obama Be Good till their last dying breath or risk being branded as racist. So, naming my son Arthur Brooks Kornbluth would give my son the permission to be a Jewish pussy, who would never been deemed anti-establishment enough to get kicked off Twitter permanently like his daddy because I dared to tweet how China has resisted Wuhan lab leak investigations more than Aquafresh. In the end, I named my son Arthur Morrison Kornbluth, which was fitting because he’s a star powered artist, whose mojo keeps on rising, rising. Plus, he’s so good at math the Asian students are cheating off him. Now I understand that it’s complete sacrilege to shit on the golden Jew Mel Brooks, pre-Adam Sandler, just for writing, “The Inquisition”, which was based on the real-life persecution of picky Jews who refused to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah, who when forced to eat pork, had to push for pricier samplings of acorn fed prosciutto or saltier, svelte cuts of Serano Spanish ham instead. The same “Inquisition” that existed to torture, humiliate and exterminate all the wise ass Jew descendants of Don Rickles, responsible for heckling the romans into crucifying Jesus, the original super Jew to death.

You know your mom’s heart was never into converting into Judaism, when she insists on blatantly shitting on the origin story behind the Hebrew naming ceremonies for her grandsons in your own Jewish loving home no less. I say, “So I named Samuel Jermiah Mom, because Jermiah wrote the Book of Lamentations, and I’ve always been into sad jazz music like Chet Baker according to Dad. More importantly mom, I chose the Hebrew name Jermiah because he’s a popular prophet who receives major brand name recognition in the Koran. And I wanted to provide my son with a Hebrew name that makes him immune to charges of Islamophobia. Especially, when I joke in my act about how a picture that was concealed for 8 years when Obama was president, where’s he laughing it up with Farrakhan and other members of his posse looking like the Lamda, Lamda pic from Revenge of the Nerds but much more Muslim Brother happy, after the honorable minister just emailed Obama about a Somalian refugee running for congress in Minnesota called Baby Face Omar Gona To Work It Out to YourMamaObama@Gmail.com. Then for a topper I add, “Obama loves Hitler. Obama wished he was that organized. Mass extermination of every proud Zionist who dared to criticize his nuke gifting deal to Iran for Obama Be Good would be a gas.” And I gave Samuel the Hebrew name Issaac because it means to “Laugh” and more jokes Hardcore Hunga Zone makes like, “Eat My Butt Brownies”, is more jokes for my comedy records right, Samuel?” Samuel says, “I have more jokes than you putzy moron.” Plus, I Iove the story of a hundred-year-old Sarah getting knocked up well past her eggs’ expiration date, like Sarah Silverman 10 years ago. Mom says, “The Issaac birthing story is a myth.”, in front of my kids. I say, “No mom, a myth is that Hillary lost to Trump because of Russian collusion. Huma Licker Breath lost because she failed to sell 64 million branded racists on why baby boomer mom knows best. Plus, Hillary Hammer Time Cankles lost to Trump because she’s an unhuggable cunt. Now’s that a fact like Hillary acting nice around baby Samuel the one time he was having lunch with mommy at the Crab Tree house patio in Chappaqua. I said to my wife, “Babe, of course Hillary acted nice and smiled at baby. Hillary was getting warmed for dessert.”

Israel has an Arab supreme court justice, gives free medical care to all and has 4 Arab political parties yet were supposed to listen to Saggy Tits Silverman claims of Israel being an extremist racist, colonial state? Because Sarah Silverman is a full- time social justice warrior these days to detract the world online and off from her tits sagging popularity.

Israel is an extreme racist, colonial state? What does England before Muslim grooming rape gangs took over their country have to do with it? You know the Palestinians aren’t the most desirable bunch to govern, when the British government in 1917 decided to relinquish their ruling power over Palestine and declare their support of a Jewish homeland for Jews. Despite those money hording Jews still controlling the Federal Reserve and all the banks in the North Pole to. When the Brits finally decided to with withdraw from Israel, the Queen tells her royal butler after having one dirty martini too many, “Let’s be honest Andrew, a state two solution is impossible if Hamas keep fucking.”

Memo to Hamas today, if you launch 5000 rockets into Israel’s backyard without being provoked first, don’t expect an edible gift basket in return with a thank note written in Farsi, with all the hardened pineapple tops chucked into the Red Sea for Meghan McCain to spit out as her inner bellybutton sucks up all the floatation water on her own.

But you have to give Obama credit when it’s deserved. He did rebrand ISIS, ISIL, so they’d sound more startup friendly in Wired Magazine’s 40 Under 40 Saw Wannabe’s Go Pro issue. At the same time, any dumb fuck can hit their quota as a headhunter for ISIS. All ISIS Headhunters do is recruit other lonely virgins on What’s App and on Facebook, who wish their phones blew up.

And how does killing the 2nd head of ISIS make it easier for them to recruit? Like the next in charge would ever respect a non-compete with Al-Queda.

Can you explain to me why Islamic terrorists are so into deflowering virgins in Allah’s gangster paradise? Doesn’t Jihadi John have enough blood on his hands already? Can I get Challah for some primo Challah to get me canceled permanently? Charlie Hebdo lives, Challah. Thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth