Notes From A Triggered Proofreader

You know your editor isn’t enamored with your fellow Israelites, when she insists you’re arrogant for making a crusade joke, because I point out how killing Jews who refuse to acknowledge Jesus as their lord and savior is as arrogant as it gets. But I’m the one perpetuating negative stereotypes of Jewish people for being greedy about making all the Nazi jokes I want, because Nazis require safe spaces now to. Go woke yourself. The Swastika does look like 2 stick figures doing a sixty nine on Crystal Meth. Also, you gotta love comments such as, “I’ve never met any Muslim Holocaust deniers.” I didn’t know Plano, Texas turned into a no-go zone for Farrakhan licker jokes, my bad. Also, name a comic who isn’t cocky, and I’ll be glad to tell you how much he sucks in real time, long time.

Michael Kornbluth