Hate Speech Offense

Why did the audio have to cut out when Denzel and Tyler Perry were caught comforting Will Smith? Did Denzel say, “You try that shit with Spike at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash and I’ll jam your black privilege up your ass son, you dig. Just keep the black Medusa away from me. She’d scare P Diddy stiff with cucumbers on his eyes during a post Beverly Hills Hotel facial like Mila Kunis would with no makeup on.” How did Tyler Perry comfort Will Smith without having enough time for a Madea costume change backstage? To promote his latest and greatest film, “Bitch Slap Happy White”, starring Juan Howard.

And then Bradley Cooper trying to comfort Will Smith after Denzel and Tyler Perry failed isn’t too hilarious. “Will, if I could act like I achieved sustained stiffage from sucking face with Lady Gaga. You can pretend you’re not a black supremacist entertainer like the rest during the Oscars when you knew ahead of time you were going to win no matter what. Like the great Johnny Mac would say, “You cannot be serious.” Minnesota Congressional Rep Baby Face Omar Gonna Work It Out, can knock out Chris Rock with a Hijab headbutt to his Solar Plexus for Christ’s sake.”

Assuming the Will Smith slap was a staged one, it wasn’t a very convincing one. Jerry The King Lawler slapping Andy Kaufman over his chair on the Late Show With David Letterman it wasn’t. Apparently, all the brains in Hollywood died with Andy, Challah, Andy Kaufman lives, because he staged his death in the 1st place, you gullible pieces of shit, Challah. Thank you very much.

If the slap wasn’t staged, then why did Chris Rock look less fazed than when Sandler showed up to his wedding in his finest pair of Jam shorts?

The worst part about Will Smith cashing in on his black entertainer privilege while doing his best to distance and downplay his ties to the hip-hop gay mafia, is having to read in the NY Post about weird, weak, woke Howard Stern accusé others of mental health issues compared to fake news deep perm head, who treats catching COVID as a death sentence worse than back-end entry into the Dallas Buyer’s Club. The same weird, weak, woke Howard who never dared criticize the Thug Lives Matter Most protests, 2 billion dollars worth of damage later, or say anything remotely critical about the Russian collusion tales with less legs than Lieutenant Dan, out of fear of being disinvited from anymore 2 bite chicken parm dinners at Jimmy Kimmel’s house.

But hey, it’s all good, according to P Diddy after Chris Rock and Will Smith reconciled at the Vanity Fair Oscars bash, because “It’s all love”, like Will Ferrell ending his hundred-dollar million friendship with director producer writer star Adam Mckay because he casted John C. Reilly over him as Dr. Buss in Winning Time. Brilliant decision on Adam McKay’s behalf. Plus, he directed the Big Short, so Will Ferrell can go woke himself to. Out of character during interviews, Will Ferrell exudes the personality of a blah breathed Amy Schumer. Will Ferrell is somebody who deserves a bitch slap over forsaking his friendship with Adam McKay for a part on HBO, not the great Chris Rock, who Netflix can no longer afford to pay with just one rib. Regardless of Chris Rock losing anti-establishment cred after he shilled for Governor Cuomo as a clot shot pusher shamer like the rest, but nobody’s perfect. Or why else would any woman willingly bang Andrew, No I Won’t Jump Off My Own Bridge, Cuomo. He looks like The Thing and Mama Fratelli from the Goonies had a baby. Now, that’ an Oscar punchline worthy of the great Chris Rock, because Amy Schumer ain’t no moral compass of civility either. She thinks the group who voted for Hillary Hammer Time Cankles are the smart ones despite Huma Licker Breath failing to sell 64 million branded racists on why Baby Boomer Mom Knows best. But Amy Schumer still thinks Hillary lost to Trumpy Poo because of Russian collusion. That’s funny, I thought Hillary lost because she’s an unhuggable cunt, my bad. But it takes one to know one, right Amy? I guess Hillary deleted that memo to, Challah. Tony Clifton shits on, Challah, thank you very much.

Michael Kornbluth

Roasting Fat Vegetarians

Why are fat vegetarians so pathetic? Is it their dumpy physique, droopy eyes or inflated sense of self-worth, because they’re still pastier than a formula baby under house arrest during Covid? Does a meat free diet, make your complexion look a tad less oily? Yes, but fat vegetarians not so much, knowing, their added layers of blubber weigh down any glow filled, glint to their step.

But how do fat vegetarians get so fat exactly?  It isn’t from Turkey meatballs served on toothpicks from Mark Wahlberg’s personal chef.  So, what’s preventing good intentioned vegetarians from feeling better about their humane promoting diets, despite it making their pale icky, round faces look like murky, greyish, shaved Elephant balls?  From personal experience, double IPA’s inhaled in rapid succession doesn’t help, nor does frying up Beyond Meat burgers in butter whenever you want, because you’re taking a break from drinking double IPA’s during the work week again. Also, the overreliance of cheese in your average fat vegetarian’s diet stems from the lack of eating options at the bar, which is limited to Jalapeno Poppers, French Fries and French Onion Soup. So chances are, you’ll be inhaling an eggplant roll and a Grandma slice from your local pizzeria far after 10pm, which is a big no, no, in Ryan Reynold’s book, according to Men’s Journal favorite pinup to paste inside your gym locker year after year. An eggplant roll alone is 456 calories, which eaten after 10, slows your metabolism to a screeching halt, wiping out your combined calorie loss from your past 2 days on the Peloton, which isn’t getting your body into tip top, Woody Harrelson shape on the set of Natural Born Killers either. Did you know Cheddar Cheese possess 7 times more fat content than a bite of chicken breast? Ryan Seacrest’s daily diet of egg whites, chicken breast wraps isn’t so easy to disparage with such rock solid, self-righteous, all knowing glee so much anymore, is it? That’s a humungous reason why fat vegetarians should consider giving The Koshertarian Diet a chance.

Understand, most vegetarians are vegetarians for humanity purposes, even more so than the healthier heart aspect, because those same vegetarians have zero problem taking more hits from their old school glass bong, singing, “Got to have Kaya now, because tripping on acid in a Covid masks outside will make me feel like I’m trapped the middle of a Biological war for my soul man. So, The Koshertarian Diet should appeal to the fat vegetarian within us all, because all Kosher meat is sliced with a Chalaf knife, designed to kill Ben and Jerry’s cows on spot with one seamless motion, by cutting through their jugular veins, which eliminates any painful, drawn out death. Just think the opposite of Saw 1 through 7.  Also, the Kosheterain Diet forces vegetarians to get creative without the use of the cheese, involving Kosher chicken breast meals, which forbid the mixing of dairy and meat such as the time I made a cheese-less Quesadilla with diced up chicken breast cooked on the grill, later sautéed in high grade, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, always the best, on top of caramelized, sweet red peppers and red onion, in addition to peeled slices of garlic, and generous sprinklings of Kosher salt, and fresh ground peppercorns for extra peppy pop. After one bite of this reimagined Chicken Quesadilla, the urge to drop your customary, shredded mounds of spicy pepper jack cheese on the top of the diced up chicken breast between the fried-up flour tortillas dissipates faster than Dominion employee profile pages on LinkedIn after Sidney Powell released the Kraken after election night. Another night, I used the same batch of leftover chicken breast chicken, diced up some more, and made a pesto out of basil, pecans, garlic, Kosher salt and olive oil, mixed with a scrumptious pappardelle pasta  while topping it with some thinly sliced, cherry tomatoes on top, for some needed color and cooler texture contrast to transform this dish into some big time summer loving, having a blast, with the entire house to myself, with my wife and 3 kids in Delaware for Baba Camp for a pleasant change of pace.  Who needs meat lasagna, when you can follow Martha Stewart’s lead and perfect your version of Mexican Lasagna without having to get too carried with the cheese distribution plopage in the process? Especially, when you use baked corn tortillas as the base while stacking a couple of layers of sautéed black beans, red onions and Jalapeno peppers, with your homemade cherry tomato based salsa, encasing the entire dish with a wall of impenetrable, impossible to resist, Cilantro specked flavor, making it hard for you to separate from your plate if La Bamba is on HBO without the use of on demand cloud technology for old time’s sake.  Plus, child separation is overrated, because if Coco never got separated from his parents, he never would’ve became a miniature Los Lobos in the making. I know, making fun of a cartoon character storyline is worse than Carlos Santana claiming President Trump has “dark energy”, despite Hillary being the best-selling voodoo doll in Hatti year after year. Plus, President Trump doesn’t need to take Acid to see who’s full of shit Carlos.

So, what’s my overriding take away message, fat vegetarians, besides turning off every lit agent imaginable who believe Hiding Biden won fair and square?  Simple, eat more Kosher chicken breast-based meals and give The Koshertarian Diet a chance.  Nothing is worse than being a fat vegetarian, besides being a fat cokehead, who lacks total self-awareness or shame, by blaming their constant stomach pains on Landa Lakes.

Michael Kornbluth